WT373 – Axial Tilt of Siberian Lurch

On today’s show we’re talking about vertical vs horizontal lumber storage, finishing uneven Cherry, and being neighborly.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is doing house stuff: laying brick and mowing grass
  • Matt was sick with the flu
  • Shannon built a new lathe tool rest

What’s New


  • Bob asked about the cell phone project that “listen” for illegal logging
  • Jason says there is a second power switch on his Sawstop so there is another option for saw safety
  • Rob has some hands on experience with a Vacuum kiln to share
  • Brian wants to thank us for sharing common sense


Dyami called in to wish us a happy 11 years of podcasting

Lumber News

Siberian Larch is making a move in the US.


  • Jason is curious about vertical vs horizontal lumber storage
  • Brian wants to know if our neighbors ever complain about our woodworking
  • Matt is trying to finish a Cherry box that has faded unevenly

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15 replies on “WT373 – Axial Tilt of Siberian Lurch”

Re: Festool in the wild – have just completed major renovations on the house and the only crew to use festool were the guys that built & installed the kitchen. but they ALL had festool. everyone else (plumbers, electricians etc) used other brands.

I’ve worked almost every day for about 12 years with a festool aft 55.It works fine so I’ve never felt the need to upgrade. Kind of a vintage tool now but I bought it new.


So let me tell you about lobsta (that’s the correct way to say in Maine Marc, say it lobsta, say it…). Anyway, when I was a kid growing up in Maine, there was a time when my dad worked on a lobster boat in Winter Harbor. Needless to say we had lobster several times a week and although I can’t recall how long we ate bugs before enough was enough, I distinctly recall crying to my mom who was planning to serve lobster at my birthday party. I wanted a McDonalds B-Day party with happy meals damn it! I didn’t get my way and has scarred me to this day. I was such a dumb A*@…..

Keep up the great work guys.

Regarding a secondary power switch, I have an ancient Craftsman table saw with a power switch on the motor itself. I was switching between dado and regular blade last night and switched off the motor. I thought about unplugging the saw, but… I just turned off the second power switch.

So did I get this right?!?!? Tommy Mac got so upset with Marc picking on Matt that he left the woodworking world and Norm Abram was found sailing a fiberglass boat?!!?

Really Shannon!!! Of all the people I expected you to catch the pun first!!!


You talked about illegal woodharvesting quite a bit.
Here in Germany in 2011 one of the largest importers of wood, Th. Nagel in Hamburg, went into insolvency.
Rumours in the industry had it, that they did so, to avoid a lawsuit dealing with their connection to illegal imports and having ordered illegal harvesting.

Greetings from Germany

Funny you mentioned too much lobster… Im from San Diego and my family is all from Baja California Mexico. My mom grew up in San Diego and tells stories of her getting Lobster and Abalone sent to her from Baja all the time and she would trade her LOBSTER Burritos at lunch time for some PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY sandwiches… cuz she was so sick of Lobster every day…. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!????????

In this episode, and a few others I can recall, Shannon said that his PBS station doesn’t show the woodworking shows. That’s not the case, though you won’t often find them on the main MPT channel (need to run pledge drives to pay for the programming they never show because of the pledge drives). Check out the MPT2/Create subchannel, where Rough Cut, The Woodright’s Shop, American Woodshop, and Woodsmith Shop are all on multiple times each week. They also show Knit and Crochet Now, if you’re so inclined…

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