WT378 – Should You Join a Guild?

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about whether to join a local woodworking guild

What Are We Talking About

George Sheehan asked:

Is it worth joining a guild? I’m fairly new to woodworking, learning through a couple of books, online content (thanks fellas), and developing skills based on the needs of the project. Is a guild worth the fee and time commitment?

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2 replies on “WT378 – Should You Join a Guild?”

Long time listener, first comment. Shannon, I’m feeling shunned. There is a great guild, a stones-throw away in Columbia, The Howard County Woodworking Guild. We are very much as was described in terms of format of the meetings, but with a very skilled membership with a wide range of expertise. If there are any techniques or projects I have question about, there is always an expert to help. I agree that the guys who run it have a lot to do with keeping things interesting. In the past years we have had some great speakers, both from within the guild, but also outside celebrities such as Steve Latta, Jeff Headley, and Joe Gorleski. to name a few. There is also a great shop in the building all for an annual fee of $35. We would love to have Shannon come in and give a demonstration and check us out.
BTW, my last name is pronounced May, but since Homer Simpson has popularized “meh”, I’ve had to just roll with it, as more people smile at my name. There isn’t much I can do, and on the plus side, there are a lot of great T-shirts poking fun at Meh.
Keep up the great show. I listen regularly on my commute.

Kickback: Like most guys who have built three lathes from scratch, Shannon is “not a hardcore wood turner.” You probably could have saved yourself a lot of time and effort if you’d figured that out about yourself a little earlier. Just busing your chops. You guys are the best. Keep the good stuff coming.

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