WT379 – Pooping in the Slop Sink

On today’s show we’re talking about router-cut mortises, demystifying plywood, solid or ply bathroom vanity,

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is playing with rake and splay on his chair legs
  • Shannon is building drawers with fancy tools
  • Matt is designing his Highboy

What’s New

  • William brought our attention to a playlist called RawCraft by Anthony Bourdain
  • NJwood shared Norm Abrams first podcast


  • James and Kyle both like the show and our references to bananas and 80s stores in the mall
  • Graeme had a router moment that was particularly scary but Matt laughed at him

Lumber News

Shannon will be broadcasting live from the J. Gibson McIlvain lumber yard on Thursday, May 4th at 6 PM EDT. Check it out on the Renaissance Woodworker YouTube channel.


  • Mike is looking for some tips to make cutting a mortise with his router less squirrely
  • Phil is thinking about making a bathroom vanity out of plywood and wonders is this will work
  • Greg is new to woodworking and needs help demystifying plywood buying and grading.

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11 replies on “WT379 – Pooping in the Slop Sink”

For Mike and his question on widening mortices: Make the pass closest to the fence first then move the fence away from the bit for the second cut. If you do this bass-ackwards your second cut is a climb cut and that ain’t good. Which I think you figured out already.


For Greg who’s wondering about plywood grading

Atlanta Hardwoods used to have a nice download explaining plywood grades and how they’re called out. Unfortunately their latest website seems to have trashed it.

Fortunately, I downloaded the .pdf and it’s now on my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mds19rsp96alv82/Atlanta%20Hardwoods%20-%20Plywood.pdf?dl=0

Sorry, no way to insert an active link in comments here so you’ll have to copy and paste.

Hope this helps.

With all the questions and reports about router bit insertion depth and router bits flying around the shop at high velocities, I wonder: Don’t router bits have minimum insertion marks (look kinda like a capital letter K) for exactly that reason? Or are these a European thing and not mandatory in North America?

Shannon, could you elaborate on the various plywood cores, along with pros, cons and relative costs?

Hey guys! All this discussion about pooping in the sink really got me thinking. My grandpa used to have a standalone shop with a toilet in it. As in, it was in the shop. As in, not divided by a wall. There was a drill press, router table, toilet, and table saw, all there in a row. It still grosses me out thinking about it. The shop even had windows. *shiver*

And bizarrely, that’s not the only shop I’ve seen with the old-man-pooper out in the open. While my wife and I were house hunting, I probably saw four or five more shops on Zillow that had a toilet just sitting there in the room.

Interestingly, and quite horrifyingly, the Samurai Carpenter over on YouTube, whose work is usually tremendously inspirational, once posted a whole project video documenting the process of adding a whiz funnel to a sink drain. Said whiz funnel was piped in below the sink, and jutted out the side, just an open plastic funnel straight into the drain. I love his work, most of the time, but that one was weird.

So yeah – today’s podcast touched on some really weird sides of woodworking – or shop work in general, I guess. I just dust off and go inside.

I came across raw craft some time back on the one where the old lady was doing blacksmithing. I have since watched all of the episodes and recommend watching ALL of them. Amazing channel. He interviews some phenomenal crafts people. The ones that are master level and make you want to put your tools down and walk away

Hey Guys,
Our shop has been listening to your show since the beginning.
We took a vote and would like to make a custom “Gag Ball” for that laughing hyena.
When you enter the Laughing Vortex, our shop starts screaming and production stops!
Taking your position and acting in a professional manor will get more listeners.
Sadly, we turned off the show today.
Sorry Boys

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