WT380 – Would You Still Work the Same Way?

On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about how our shops and working styles might be different if we didn’t have our respective businesses.

What Are We Talking About

Michael Schumacher asked:

If Shannon didn’t have his HandToolSchool, would you have been more of a Hybrid woodworker doing commission work?

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8 replies on “WT380 – Would You Still Work the Same Way?”

•Trees never die of old age – trees are only ever killed by elements outside of their control, including insects, diseases and MATT FROMONA. That’s why sometimes, if they’re really lucky, a tree could live to well over 1000 years old.(EXCEPT IN MINNESOTA)

Another FYI
I bet Shannon can’t name all 17…….

•It’s a well-known fact that wood floats in water, but that’s not exactly true. In order to sink in water the specific gravity of the wood, has to be 1.00 or more. There are 17 that sink: African Blackwood, African Ebony, Black Ironwood, Brazilwood, CocoBolo, East Indian Satinwood, Ekki, Greenheart, IPE, Kingwood, Lignum Vitae, Macassar Ebony, Marblewood, Satine (Bloodwood), Snakewood, Sucupira and White Topped Box.

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