WT381 – Stick it in the Wood

On today’s show we’re talking about amber water-based finish, what’s the deal with Drill presses, and how to use a moisture meter.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is fixing the signs at his son’s daycare
  • Matt is slabbing logs
  • Shannon is preparing for a speaking gig at The Washington Area Woodworking Guild, 5/16 at 7:30

What’s New

  • Tommy shared this video from Fine Woodworking, “no wood is bad wood”
  • Charles Neil is filming a pilot on antique furniture for PBS
  • Michael shared a video of a Wind Powered Sawmill
  • Matt will be teaching at the Woodworker’s Club of Houston on July 8th


  • Glen shared a sawdust bucket tip
  • Wolf shared an important safety tip
  • Steve likes the lumber industry update and wants more stories from the high end world of wood
  • Matt wonders if we would every consider CD/DVD treatments of the show archive

Lumber News

Kendall found some Red Grandis and wonders about some of the unusual species out there. Use alternate exotic species in order to create a market and utilize more of the forest concessions.


  • “Steve” is looking for ways to get an oil color with a water borne finish
  • Eric is shopping for drill presses and wonders about floor standing vs benchtop models
  • John wants to know how to use his moisture meter

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10 replies on “WT381 – Stick it in the Wood”

Hi guys, referring to the wind-powered sawmill: it is in Holland (not in Sweden!). I think Matt referred to my projects build from lumber of our local sawmill, if you are interested, check my instagram account.
The wood from the Bolwerksmolen (http://www.bolwerksmolen.nl/) is all locally harvested and sawn with the windmill sawmill. It is air-dryed on the same location and quite cheap compared to wood from our big box stores.
Just wanted to share this. I really like your show, keep up the good work!

I actually managed to catch you guys while you were recording this live yesterday. I was waiting on an elevator at work and browsing facebook when I saw that you were live, so I thought “I’ll see where they’re at in the podcast.” The first sentence I heard was, “Don’t google dudes who love wood.” followed by Marc doing exactly what he was told not to (which, come on, who was surprised by that?). Since that was the outro, I knew I had missed the whole episode and so I looked it up when I got home and was thoroughly intrigued by what context I had missed upon seeing the show title of “Stick it in the Wood”.

Sidebar, (which is it really a sidebar if I didn’t have much of a point to make to begin with?) while I was listening to the podcast my wife walked through the kitchen and commented that Marc sounds like Seth Rogen, I think she meant it as a compliment.

Putting the old shows on CD? Huzzah! That’s a great idea! Can we also release them on 8-Track tape and wax cylinders? I’ll fax in my order today then head over to Western Union to wire you payment, post haste. OK, I better log off now. I only have 2 hours of internet access left on my America Online account this month. By the way, your website looks terrible on Netscape Navigator.

Did I miss it, or was there no mention of Handworks? Not even from the Hand Tool School guy? What’s up with that?

Please make a vinyl collection of the show. I won’t buy it but I’d love to see the stack and those huge covers would give you lots of opportunity to have some fun. I imagine a big rainbow-haired Fromona.

I actually love Shannon’s industry updates about how wood is getting more expensive. It makes me feel better about the logs and big stacks of lumber in my yard!!! #Cremonastyle

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