WT387 – Marc Likes ‘Em Curvy and Complicated

On today’s show we’re talking about Marc’s sexy curvy legs, milling square stock, and making sliding dovetails by hand.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished his finish shoot out
  • Matt was slabbing up White Oak logs
  • Shannon was resurfacing a deck with wet wood

What’s New

  • Next week Bob Claggett will be a co host on the show while Shannon is out of town, submit your funky Maker questions for Bob
  • Kyle Toth hit 100,000 subscribers and released a celebration video
  • Shannon finds laser rust removal cathartic.
  • James shared a great video for drill press storage.
  • Andrew shared a video about using jigs to make intricate wooden frames.


  • William teaches us a valuable lesson: go to Woodcraft without your spouse
  • Kris wanted some clarification about using a shorter plane for smoothing
  • Tom furthered his skill by building 2 violins when he had never done it before. Check out the playlist here. 
  • Rob was daunted by a bed project and chose to build 2 side tables using similar joinery first to get ready for the bed.
  • Andrew mentioned a knockdown workbench from Chris Schwarz that would be great for an apartment woodworker

Lumber News

Brandon wonders if he is getting the short end of the stick with 4/4 lumber that is S3S’d to 13/16


  • AJ wonders how we design the curves in our projects
  • Joe wants to know what our process is for making square parts
  • Matt wants to know how to cut sliding dovetails by hand

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11 replies on “WT387 – Marc Likes ‘Em Curvy and Complicated”

Hey Guy’s, not sure if you realized that talking about 4 quarter sizing for Lumber, that if Matt is maybe the only real lumberyard in the USA that “could be selling”, actual 4 quarter, 8 quarter lumber. Love the show keep up the great work.

I had remembered seeing a fine woodworking article that had different results for wiping Varnishes than having Minwax wipe on poly as best. It turns out it depends on if you look at the 2005 vs the 2015 article. In the more recent article from issue 245 Arm-R-Seal wins best over all and Minwax Fast Drying Poly wins best value. And at current prices of $10.77 a quart at home depot it is less expensive than Arm-R-Seal.

I had been confused as I had remembered different results when I looked into the testing than you cited and then found the older article first.

Not sure where you’re seeing those prices, but at least online and at my Home Depot, that’s the price for a Pint, not a Quart. In fact, the HD website lists a Pint of Wipe on Poly for $11.97 and that matches the price at my local store. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Minwax-1-pt-Wipe-On-Poly-Clear-Gloss-40900/100376148
So Arm R Seal is actually the best value.

I’m thinking you’re talking about regular Minwax Poly prices instead of the Wipe-On Poly product.

In the article of Fine 245 says that the regular minwax poly fast drying is thin enough for use as a wiping varnish. Even though it is sold as a brushing varnish. And in their tests is worked as a wiping varnish.

Funniest episode yet right from the intro! lol
And it was info packed! The three of you really had a good dynamic and played off each other making a very entertaining show. Great job guys!

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