WT395 – The Professional Show

On today’s show we’re talking about milling logs, oil and wax on hand tools causing finishing problems, when to use a loose mortise and tenon, boards bowing off the saw mill, and panel raising planes

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What’s On the Bench

  • Shannon installed a round lid stay in a square mortise
  • Marc went to Nerdtacular
  • Matt is working on cabriole legs

What’s New


  • Kevin wants us to be more professional
  • Mike says Shannon is wrong about Douglas Fir
  • Jean-Paul wonders when big box stores will get in trouble for S4S boards with live edges
  • Jared is giving away tickets to Winterthur
  • Rob runs an upholstery business and have thoughts on its accessibility
  • Matt says it doesn’t matter how many cuts it takes but the finished product

Lumber News

What’s up with Teak?


  • Stephen wonders if wax on tools will interfere with finish
  • Adam has questions on milling logs


  • Matt is building Marc’s trestle table design and wonders about loose tenons
  • Zach is experiencing a lot of bowing of boards from his sawmill
  • Brian wonders why panels even need to be raised

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3 replies on “WT395 – The Professional Show”


I would like to comment on FESTOOL-SAWSTOP acquisition. Due to some regulations Sawstop table saws are not available in Europe. So maybe after this they will have a chance to sell them here in Europe.

Regards, Oskar

I had to laugh when listening to the discussion on teak when Shannon said that real teak has silicone in it. Generally, silicone means fake, not real. I think he meant to say silicon or silicate

Keep up the good work.

Let’s speculate! Here is a translated excerpt from the Festool/TTS press release regarding the SawStop acquistion.

“User safety of its products, alongside optimal work results, has always been the main focus of TTS and its subsidiaries. The newly acquired technology fits to this focus area and will be further developed with SawStop to ensure highest safety standards for our end customers. At the same time TTS prepares itself for expected stricter safety regulations for power tools.”

They also mention that the management of SawStop will stay in place. This probably means that while TTS will not meddle too much with the operations of SawStop itself, they appear to be looking for some kind of technology between their different units. It would also be somewhat atypical for a company as innovative as TTS/Festool to ignore the possibility of employing SawStop’s technology in other tools. Could certainly be an interesting step forward in terms of user safety.

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