WT397 – Rehydrated Poop Nuggets

On today’s show we’re talking about how to know if your furniture can handle the load, moving a project from AC to non AC room, and should you mill everything all at once?!

What’s On the Bench

  • Shannon is experimenting with finishes
  • Marc is refinishing a cutting board for a neighbor
  • Matt went to teach in Houston

What’s New

  • July 17th at approximately 5pm Eastern we’ll be doing a hangout for $20 and higher patrons.
  • Mark Fuller wants to get in touch with Norm Abrams. Can you help him?
  • Kai shared a video about a radial saw mill.


  • Matt loves us and Carl has a new nickname for Marc
  • Brian shared how the average woodworker is pretty diverse considering the motley crew he hung with at Fine Woodworking Live
  • Bob is average and perfectly happy with that
  • Kevin wonders if the average woodworker is even listening to woodworking podcasts


  • Roberto has a question about wood movement in a metal framed table top


  • Bill wonders if he should trust the plans he sees online and how to determine load strength
  • Phil wants to know if he is building wrong from plans
  • Matt is resuming work on a nightstand that has been in an AC’d basement in his un AC’d garage shop

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