WT401 – Please Sir May I Have a Blanket Chest

On today’s show we’re talking about working African Mahogany, kerfing out dovetail waste, and one track saw to rule them all.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc spoke at AWFS
  • Matt manned the Triton booth at AWFS
  • Shannon is editing video…boring

What’s New


  • Brian shared the Plywood Workbench that FWW put out
  • Chase, John, and Matt all had feedback on the slipping scrollsaw pattern.
  • Brian had a positive experience with is jointer planer combo machine
  • Robert had a bad experience peeing in a bucket


  • Bob wants to know all the ways to cut a tenon
  • Nick on voice memo etiquette
  • Jeremy on refinishing a finish


  • Eric is looking to replace his track saw
  • Kim wonders about kerfing the waste on dove tails
  • Rod is concerned that his recently purchased African Mahogany being too difficult to work.

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3 replies on “WT401 – Please Sir May I Have a Blanket Chest”

Regarding the Morten Cut, can Shannon cite his source for this name? I googled it and the only relevant result was the Hand Tool School (behind the pay wall). Curious where it comes from.

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