WT405 – Cremona Totem Pole

On today’s show we’re talking about when to say and when to plane, losing the battle with hickory, tacky finish, material thickness, and stop blocks, and etc.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is finishing up his chair collection
  • Matt is packing to go visit Marc
  • Shannon used a track saw and pocket hole jig to make boxes


  • Adam suggests skipping the scroll saw paper and using carbon paper


  • Kevin wonders if any of use would change our workbench designs
  • Jeff calls out Shannon on his multiple Jatoba pronunciations
  • Rob is seeking advice on solid body guitar glue ups


  • Brian is experiencing tear out with Hickory
  • Dan wonders when to saw away waste or just plane it away
  • Bill has some finished Red Oak that is not curing.
  • Billy wonders about when to use certain thicknesses of boards
  • Chris has big hands and having trouble with his smaller hand planes
  • Tobias wonders about using stop blocks for greater efficiency

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2 replies on “WT405 – Cremona Totem Pole”

I have used full-size printed plans and used carbon paper to transfer the shapes to make templates for the various parts (in my case adirondack chairs and furniture). U-bild sells large-format carbon paper for this purpose. You guys who bought it a long time ago don’t need it, but those of us who used to use it (back in the dark ages of ballpoint pens and typewriters) to make copies of correspondence and school papers. Love the show.
— Mark

How does air dried hickory compare to kiln dried. I have the option to buy some 8/4 from local sawyer for $2/bd. ft. I was thinking of using it for my workbench base. Love the show!

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