WT406 – Upgrade the Bandsaw or Buy it New

On today’s weekend show we talk about buying new tools or souping it up.
Brian says:

I own a 20 year old “14 Delta bandsaw with a cast iron table that has barely been used since I bought it and is in perfect condition. I am about to get back into woodworking again up to my neck and expect to try to mill a lot of my wood. I expect to be doing a lot of re-sawing.

My question is whether I should stick with my saw by “souping it up” or look into buying a new “14 bandsaw instead? I am leaning towards the Carter guides, a wood slicer blade and new “rubber” on the wheels (the “souping up” option) but I’m likely talking about a $350-$450 outlay for this.

Would I be better off buying a brand new high-end “14 bandsaw or souping up the old one?

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As I see it, you have three issues: 1. Wil you use your current saw for anything besides resaw, 2. $. Is money an issue? 3. The biggie for me is power. If you are going to do a lot of resaw. I think you will want the extra power

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