WT407 – Woe is Us

On today’s show we’re talking about sliding vs non-sliding miter saws, workbench crochets, and storing logs before milling them.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is refinishing outdoor furniture
  • Matt painted his saw mill
  • Shannon finished 3 projects and is starting a Mirror

What’s New


  • Stephen found “wood and steel” tenons in his big box store furniture


  • Brian likes the Ridgeline
  • Jonathan found a new way to flavor coffee with wood shavings
  • Mike has a suggestion for tearing prone woods and the thickness planer
  • Matt has a gorilla question
  • Vinny has a question about tough grain with Genuine Mahogany


  • Nick has a question about compound miter saws and sliding miter saws
  • Nick has a question about storing logs to be sawn
  • Daniel wants insight on a workbench crochet

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5 replies on “WT407 – Woe is Us”

Hi Guys,
I’ve loved the show for about three years–a good balance of woodworking and banter. But lately, you’ve needed a producer to crack the whip and get you back on topic. (No I’m not applying for the job.) In episode 407, there was no real woodworking content until the 28 minute mark. But then a little later, you had a “spot on” truly insightful discussion about the inaccuracy of sliding miter saws, and I was nodding along and saying “Amen to that!” So, please don’t take this the wrong way. I really respect you guys and want you to succeed.
Thanks, Jamie

If I had a dollar for every armchair producer comment I’ve received over the last 10 years, I’d be a very rich man. Not to completely discount what you’re saying Jamie, but I’ve heard all of this before. Yet somehow, the show continues to do well! It’s almost like I know what I’m doing. haha. I do, sometimes. But seriously, the off-topic stuff you’re talking about is the by-product of the friendship the three of us share. We actually LIKE talking to each other. If you want to listen to us read from a woodworking book, you’ve come to the wrong show. What you’re hearing is what the show has ALWAYS been. Perhaps your perception has changed or maybe the woodworking topics we discuss aren’t of interest to you.

We spent 8 minutes, from 2:00-8:00 discussing outdoor finishes and durability of various outdoor wood species. Shannon and Matt then began talking about what they did during our month-long time off. If there’s a time we’re going to go a little off-topic, that’s going to be it. But if you’ve been listening for three years you already know that. At 17 minutes we begin the What’s New discussion by talking about a speaker company that makes amazing hand-made wooden speakers. And from there the show proceeds as per usual. So I don’t know what you consider “real woodworking content” but it’s completely unfair and inaccurate to say this stuff is off-topic.

I think I’m getting cranky in my old age, but honestly, enjoy the show or don’t. I listen to a lot of woodworking podcasts and we’re one of the very FEW that focuses strongly on woodworking education while also being dedicated to helping our fellow woodworkers out with their woodworking problems. So thanks for the feedback, but we’re good. 🙂

Marc, you’re right, I forgot about the six minutes you discussed outdoor finishes. By the way, on that topic, I agree with Shannon that oil finishes are the way to go with outdoor furniture. They can look nice for years, without all the maintenance required of film finishes.

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