WT413 – Matt Gets Some

On today’s show we’re talking about Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, dealing with pests in the shop, stable hardwoods, and workbench finishes

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished his resin poured frames for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer
  • Matt is working on the upper case of the highboy
  • Shannon is gearing up for a live Perch Stool build

What’s New


  • Chase also gets sore hands from working with powered hand tools and recommends those gripper exercise thingys to loosen up and strengthen the muscles in the hands
  • Rich bought a combo jointer/planer and loves it despite what we say.


  • Sweaty Colin wonders if a workbench lamination can be done with threaded rods

Lumber Update

Reclaimed Cuban Mahogany showing up after Florida storms


  • Kenny has spiders in his shop, how to deal with them
  • Jenn is needs guidance on workbench finishes
  • Sean is looking for the most dimensionally stable hardwood he can find for a shop fixture

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5 replies on “WT413 – Matt Gets Some”

Kickback for Sweaty Collin,

I have workbench top that my father-in-law milled up, put together with threaded rod, and then gave to me. It’s still what I use for the moment, but the ends of the bench top have fanned out, which I assume is because it is not allowed to expand and contract correctly. I do like the idea of having something to keep the pieces in line, but I hope that Collin greases up that threaded rod before he adds glue, just to make sure he can get it back out. It’s really jacked my bench up.

Best Regards,

Scott A.
Jackson, TN

Hi Guys,

An old country way of dealing with spiders organically I learned from my father in law: Anywhere you see a spider place horse chestnuts and the spiders will run away. He had them hanging on threads in his cold storage room and never had any spiders. It works!


To get rid of spiders get you some house geckos. In Texas we have plenty of both. People don’t like the geckos running around in their house but we leave them. They don’t bother you, don’t make a mess, and eat all the bugs and stuff. I have 2 or 3 that live in the garage and they watch me work, then clean up the bugs when I go in the house for the night. I can smash a beetle that sneaks in and the geckos will clean it up for me, its gone the next day. So there ya go, Mediterranean house geckos.

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