WT414 – Is Building a Workbench a Rite of Passage?

On today’s show we’re talking about: frivolous upgrades, should everyone create content?, is building a workbench a rite of passage, and two blades for the table saw.


  • Kory is looking to lessen the UV effects on Redheart.
  • Lyle is having trouble flattening his workbench with a router.


  • Clem asks about using 2 blades vs one on his table saw
  • Sean asks if building a workbench is a necessary rite of passage for every woodworker
  • Matt wants to know what unnecessary upgrades we have made in our shops or to our tools
  • Brian witnessed the hard work of a content creator get trashed on Reddit and wonders if everyone should create content.

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One reply on “WT414 – Is Building a Workbench a Rite of Passage?”

People might grumble about content creation related content; but this was one of the best episodes to date. Very insightful.

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