WT419 – Break Out the Hand Lube

On today’s show we’re talking about: cordless angle grinders, buying lumber without plans, and How thick to cut your logs.

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What’s New

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished the drawers on his jewelry box
  • Matt hit a major bump on the highboy with the bonnet top
  • Shannon broke his lathe


  • Lucien thinks Festool will integrate flesh detecting technology across their line
  • Dave wonders if a strop will round the edge and has feedback on not using plans
  • Wolf found a cool hybrid woodworker workbench.
  • Ben has feedback on using plans or not

Lumber Industry Update

Softwood tariffs looming again and Mahogany is on the rebound.


  • Jim wants our opinion on the current generation of angle grinders
  • Lamar wants to know how to buy lumber for a project if you don’t have a plan
  • Mark needs help figuring out what to do with his Ash

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10 replies on “WT419 – Break Out the Hand Lube”

Just listened to the latest show Monday evening and was wondering how I missed the announcement for the live show on Friday since that is when you record it. Then I heard Matt mention that it was harder to do the show without seeing each other. Is this how the show is evolving? Are you getting rid of the live portion of Wood Talk? If so I am somewhat disappointed, I enjoy watching you guys live while recording an audio show. Don’t know why that is. I guess because it gives me faces to look at and laugh along with your silliness. Hope this was just a one off and you get back to recording live but if not I guess I will have to sadly adjust.
Take care everyone
Bill from Oregon

PS. The way to pronounce Tualitan is “to-all-i-ton”

Hey Bill, deep breath. Now let it out and relax. Feel the WoodTalk goodness wash over you. No we aren’t changing the format, this was just a one off situation where no video was easier to execute. All is well.

Thanks Shannon for replying. Whew that takes a load off. I thought I might go into withdrawals if I did not get my weekly fix of the three woodworking amigos! LOL

It looks like that Bladestop setup has one of two sensors as options. One detects the body and the other a colored glove proximity detector. It seems that if they can have the system detect the body vs meat, they could put this on woodworking tools.

So Shannon, how are you enjoying the Peleton? I ride three days a week and it really helps me stay in shape. Who is your favorite instructor?

I’m an addict! I’m on it 6-7 days a week now and in many instance several rides a day. Unless I’m doing Power Zone stuff and then I’m usually unable to lift my legs after. Denis Morten is probably my favorite followed by Matt Wilpers, but that’s really hard to choose as so many others are good at certain types of rides.

in response to the Blade stop band saw, we just received one in the packing house where i work. It has a camera above the blade to see the colored glove and then you wear another special glove under that glove that has metal mesh in it that have wires that hook up to the saws on board computer, if said gloves touch the blade the safety circuit breaks and then it sets off a brake that pinches the blade and stops it. then you reset it and change the band saw blade. Love the show and thank you guys for inspiring me!!

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