WT421 – Mind the Thigh Gap

On today’s show we’re talking about: what glues work best at low temperatures, rust prevention on the hand tools, and mortiser setup

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished his jewelry box and build a drill bit storage cabinet
  • Matt is almost done with the highboy and starting to plan the waterfall table
  • Shannon is resawing Redwood veneer

What’s New


  • Sam has some thoughts on sanding vs planing
  • Wilbur advises Shannon that turning on an electric lathe is still a hand tool

Lumber Industry Update

Cuban Mahogany is back? Maybe not. New technology in the African hardwood market could be a very good thing for sustainability and visibility.


  • Dan wonders about doing a glue up in a cold shop
  • Bryan is struggling with his mortising machine
  • Kim is worried about rust on tool stored right in front of the window

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8 replies on “WT421 – Mind the Thigh Gap”

Thanks for the great show. Guys trying to download the file as an mp3, having issues. Did you change format over the break?

So I have been thinking about moving out to Tennessee from California for some time now. I just realized i might have to consider cold temperatures and humidity considerations with my woodworking now. More to consider i guess lol

Marc I guess the best nick name for you is MACHINATOR, the man with the incredible machines! Keep up the good work and pls don’t quit!

I am completing my new shop and I was wondering how many lumens you guys would recommend per square foot. Will be using led lights. My space has 8 foot ceilings and is 1600 square foot.

Hope the holidays were great. I really missed listening to you guys. Thanks for any advice.

Thank you for the gift input my Woodlings, I just want you to know that I have since experimented with my wife’s makeup. I must say i look great in rouge, but she says its not for me…
However, my new spindle sander made me smile.

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