WT422 – Matt is Wrong About Breadboards

On today’s show we’re talking about workbench lumber, whats the deal with breadboard ends, and tool storage.


  • Steve is looking for advice on buying a bandsaw
  • Paul wonders if a drum sander or a planer is right for him


  • Jeremy is ready to build a nice workbench and needs help with his choices for lumber
  • Robert is building a farmhouse style table and wonders if breadboards are just aesthetic or actually offer some structural purpose
  • Page wants to know if we keep all our tools within reach or stash them away or put them in cold storage

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One reply on “WT422 – Matt is Wrong About Breadboards”

I agree that breadboard ends serve to mechanically maintain flatness. I would also agree that finished boards might help to prevent checking.

However…I personally do not like the appearance of breadboard ends. I believe Marc’s point that finish should minimize the checking, and flatness can be maintained by battens on the underside of the piece and by attaching tops to aprons appropriately.

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