WT423 – Does This Grain Make My Butt Look Fat?

On today’s show we’re talking about: putting a vise on a thin bench top, fixing dog holes, and would matt build a bandsaw mill.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is in book writing mode
  • Matt is finishing the Highboy and about to go over the Waterfall
  • Shannon is making a fancy veneer hammer

What’s New


  • Joe has some thoughts on cold and glue ups
  • Bob has learned a lot from WoodTalk…none of it useful
  • David is now poorer thanks to us, but he owns a new Lie Nielsen plane
  • Nathan listens to the show and his sone likes our titles. But he has a question about Horny Wolves, so…


  • Bob has a question about wood grain orientation in a jewelry box

Lumber Industry Update

There was a domestic species Lacey Act case of note involving Maple and a 4th party


  • Jason wants to put a vise on a thin bench top and needs guidance
  • Anon is curious if Matt would build a bandsaw mill again if he wasn’t a content producer
  • Rob has holdfasts that won’t work with his dog holes and needs strategy to fix it

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5 replies on “WT423 – Does This Grain Make My Butt Look Fat?”

Hey guys, just started listening to the podcast this morning and heard your talk about FWWL. I don’t know when it posted, but you must have lighted a fire under somebody because the schedule is up now!

We have not changed holdfast production since day 1.

The first thing to do is go around and round the stems (not up and a down) with coarse sandpaper. It takes off any grease and gives the stems some tooth.

If that doesn’t work – give me a call

Thanks for the advice. I never thought the problem was the holdfasts themselves- they are fantastic. Your website is also one of the friendliest for shipping to a FPO address. I actually found the best solution for my specific problem was wrapping the stems in blue tape. Gives them a little added girth and the grippiness of the rough surface.

Thanks for answering my question, guys! I was afraid it was too specific for the show. In answer to your question, the Japanese version of Home Depot (at least here on Okinawa, not sure about the mainland) is called Makeman (www.makeman.co.jp) and I actually like it better than Home Depot. Also, my benchtop is 4″ thick, but the fir or pine is still quite soft, so that may be part of the problem. I will experiment with scuffing the sides of the holdfasts a little and check the diameter of the auger bit.


I’m not sure if its still there since I PCS’d off the island almost 5 years ago, but on Camp Courtney there is a wood shop located in the craft center across from the gym. I only went a couple times, but I remember it being a fairly decent shop with pretty much any power tool you would need for most projects. Enjoy Oki!


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