WT424 – Smell those Lacquer Fumes

On today’s show we’re talking about hard wax oil finishes, sharpening gauges, getting into CNC?, securing table tops, and explaining woodworking to the uninitiated.


  • Eric wonders is any of use would consider taking a leap into CNC


  • Several listeners have asked about the latest generation of hard wax oil finishes (like Osmo) and Marc elucidates on his experience
  • Jason wants to know how to sharpen his marking gauge blades and how sharp to make them
  • Billy asks if we every try to educate non woodworkers about the details of our projects
  • Rachel is using figure 8 fasteners for table tops and asks about alternative methods

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2 replies on “WT424 – Smell those Lacquer Fumes”

I know you guys were teasing, but the new X-Carve is actually pretty good. Assembly is easy with no soldering, new rigid gantry and with a trim router like the Dewalt or Makita on it, easily enough power to go through aluminum. It is a real value, for those without the Honda money πŸ™‚ My 750mm model doesn’t take up much space either. I really like mine. It is another option – its like a microwave in a kitchen.

I have a CNC and use it for carving and making small parts. It is not a big 4’ x 8’ machine. Mine is 36” x 24” and fits in the corner of my small shop (2 car garage size). A learning curve is required and it takes time to get up to speed. But if you have the time there are a ton of instructional videos on how to use the software I use (Vectric). People really enjoy animals and other things carved into parts on projects like lids on boxes.

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