WT426 – Dactylilly

On today’s show we’re talking about painting furniture, our favorite hand tools, the best tool for rabbeting, an alternative to latex paint, and the best first hand plane.


  • Jay wants to know what would be the best hand tool for rabbeting


  • Billy and Nick both have questions about painting furniture and how to get the best results
  • Benjamin wants to know what are our favorite hand tools
  • John asks what would be the best first hand plane to purchase

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15 replies on “WT426 – Dactylilly”

I’m curious if any of you have experience with milk paint. I recently purchased some (powder form) and have watched Curtis Buchanan’s YouTube videos on mixing and using milk paint. Is this something you guys use and if so does it truly live up to the hype of giving an authentic, traditional look? I’m excited to try it soon. Thanks fellas.

Hey Guys – regarding the painted furniture I’ve had really good luck spraying the water based lacquer from Target Coatings, Emtech 6500. They can pre-tint it to any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Color. I’ve been able to color match built-ins as well as spraying all our interior doors with Target Coatings to match our trim paint color exactly by doing this. It dries fast, comes out dead flat smooth and you can clear coat it so its easy to clean and protected.

I’m a podcast killer it seems. Spent several months binge listening to April, Jay, and Nick’s podcast and just when I caught up they quit.

So now I’ve spent the last 10-11 months doing the same with Wood Talk and here I am…

Don’t quit!

Why hast thou forsaken us, Wood Whisperers? Your loyal podcast listeners with long commutes to work miss you terribly. Please come back! What are we supposed to do without you, listen to those three boring woodworkers on that other show?

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