WT427 – We Didn’t Quit…Again

On today’s show we’re talking about: Yoga blocks, sources for turning blanks, projects with your kids, and wedges for leg vices

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc regales us with his travels across the great northwest seeking woodworking enlightenment…and coffee

What’s New


  • Dyami thinks Laguna ceramic bandsaw guides are the best thing since Google Plus
  • Daniel promoted WoodTalk to the Shop Talk Live guys


  • Andrew is concerned about using a parallel guide and pin on his leg vise

Lumber Industry Update

Shannon drones on about the growth of composite and engineered materials and the future they may bring to woodworkers everywhere. He also mentions an article about compressed wood that is stronger than Titanium.


  • Samuel wants to build yoga blocks for his wife and is looking for suggestions on finish and species
  • Mike is curious what projects we look forward to making with our kids
  • Ryan is looking for suggestions on sourcing larger blanks for turning

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10 replies on “WT427 – We Didn’t Quit…Again”

Thanks for coming back. We missed you! Those three other woodworking podcasters are SOOOOO boring! (But also super smart… you really should listen to them.)

Just listened to the new episode. Thanks for not quitting guys! Quick question. Shannon, what was the wood you mentioned during the yoga blocks segment that is extremely light and could be used in place of heavier woods for the yoga blocks?

Jay’s setup has a piece of wood to prevent it from spinning alongside the leg. The wedge idea works pretty well for being very simple with a nail sticking up to grab it with your foot to move it in and out of the vise.

Welcome back. I found you guys last September and have been listening ever since. I almost gave up on hearing from you again until I heard that it was an unannounced break.

I’m glad you’re back and and haven’t quit. I decided I will listen at least until I figure out what these ‘guild project’ references you keep dropping are.

Can’t believe the title of this episode isn’t “Nothing was ready for milking”. Maybe next weeks episode will be called “Ready to be Milked”

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