WT429 – It’s Hard, But You Can Squish It

On today’s show we’re talking about: Is cheaper walnut worth it?, glue squeeze out, curved veneer panels, some finishing talk.

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc blew up a sofa table
  • Matt poured a waterfall table
  • Shannon is veneering Birds Eye Maple

What’s New

  • Andrew shared some tiny little staircases made by a French Secret Society
  • Danny says the New Yankee Workshop episodes will be available, along with plans, on This Old House.


  • Rick likes and has been using Thermally Modified Wood
  • Jason likes his Laguna ceramic guides but hates setting them up.


  • Jason is using dye and shellac and wants that oil deliciousness

Lumber Industry Update

Walnut pricing is all over the place because the grade is so widely varied. FAS Walnut is not the same grade as other North American species and popularity of the species is up dramatically. Yet the demand is for higher than grade material.


  • Luke needs help with a buying plan for Walnut, buy more and work around defects or embrace the defects
  • Michael needs help getting rid of glue spots after a glue up
  • Chris isn’t sure how to veneer a rolltop desk lid: vacuum press or hammer veneer?

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5 replies on “WT429 – It’s Hard, But You Can Squish It”

Happy employees make happy customers. That seems to be Lie Nielsen Toolworks’ mantra. A woman there diagnosed my No. 4’s issue in detail. It was clear she had worked with the things and really knew them. I paid $2 for a replacement part and she instructed me on exactly how to install that part. That company is interested in making you happy with their great product. That happens when a company cares about those who work them.

This episode didn’t show up on my Patreon feed (using Overcast). Am I the only one having this issue?

With regard to the optimum amount of glue in a joint, I once went to a presentation given by a Titebond representative. He said that the optimum is one molecule of glue between surfaces. He was specifically talking about PVAs at the time, but the logic might apply to any adhesive. He admitted that the “surplus” glue that many of us apply is good for his business, but the single molecule layer resulted in the best joints. YMMV.

With the common theme of explaining pre-2000 pop culture to Millennial Matt, I am curious. Did the Hairy Giggler understand Shannon’s Spaceballs reference?

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