567 – The Blue Woodcraft

It’s show #567 On today’s show, we’re talking about shoulder planes?, the very super cool tools fence, and a question about router fences that Matt probably can’t answer.

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Listener Questions

  • Howard asks about Marc’s experience with the Super Cool Tools fence
  • Michael asks about micro adjust on a router table fence and for suggestions.
  • “Joe” asks whether a shoulder plane is useful enough to justify buying or should he stick with a paring chisel.

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3 replies on “567 – The Blue Woodcraft”

So THAT’S why everything went wonky. After 7 times through the archive it was a shock to the system. It’s long delayed, but Matt, Marc, Shannon, Matt, and Margaret, thank you SO much for so many years of information, advice, and entertainment. I’ll have to send in a picture of my walnut and maple jewelry box just to give Shannon an aneurism. I hope you don’t switch to quilting. (Knitting might be ok though…)

Just wanted to let you guys know that I hate the adds 🙂 But, I love the show so i’m really glad you all took the time to find a way to keep making the show when Rockler bowed out. I’d hate for you guys to quit again. All that said….I Hate the Adds! So I signed up for Patreon. Thanks for not quitting……or knitting!

I was wondering why I lost the ability to download the last episode. Wow; that was a good run with Rockler. And here I was just at their store and bought some lumber. Of all the nerve! I guess it had to come to an end at some time. Maybe you can get some of that sweet, sweet SawStop promo-mullah. I mean; heck they are giving everyone that can glue two boards together on YouTube a free tablesaw. Spread the wealth SawStop!

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