Matt’s Curvy Chest and Cockbead

Why woodworkers hate IKEA, MDF for a bench top, choosing a grinder, and bandsaw capacity vs quality. Also featuring your dumb questions!

Better to Be Smooth

Paralysis by analysis, the best way to learn woodworking, new vs vintage hand tools, and tool maintenance schedules. Also now featuring your funny captions

I Hate You

Table saw extension wings, what you get when you pay more for a random orbit sander, wet wood, identifying wood, and material for a new bench top.

Put A Ring On It

Wood movement, rasps, diamond stones, store bought workbenches, and finding free logs.

Lindsay Got a Treadmill

On today’s show we’re talking about how our concept of a “dream shop” can change over the years.

Silicone Hoochies

So it’s a giant What’s on the Bench segment!

Crushing Domestic Bliss

We’re talking about Matt. Seriously, it’s all about Matt and his new house and new shop.

The Hairy Palm Episode

Today we doing a Q&A show to clean out our inbox…and to answer your questions.

Wiener Dreams

We’re talking about what you do after you have your design.

Drunk on Design

Today we are talking about how we design our projects

Pinch that Thing

Today we are talking about workbench vises and workbench alternatives.

Willy Wonka Rockler Death Trap

It’s show #474 For June 16th, 2020, and today we are talking Mortise and Tenon joinery Sponsored by You If you want to help support

Backsaw Boys

Wwork holding. Vises, holdfasts, clamps and whatever else you use to hold stuff while you work on it.

Talk Like a Pirate

Today we explore the wonder that is cutting boards. I scream, you scream, please stop screaming about cutting boards!!

Just the Tip

It’s all email today as we clean out our inbox. We’re talking about resawing by hand, wood filler, strength of rabbet joints, soaking wood, table outfield table size, & cutting a crosshatch pattern

Shannon is Inspired by Marc

It’s show #467 For April 15th, 2020, on today’s show we’re talking about Shop Spring cleaning, chiseling on the workbench, Maloof finish, and the difference

Hand Tools Don’t Make Dust?

Our approaches to dust collection, shop flooring, cupping after resawing, gluing cedar, and preventing chatter when hand planing.

How Woodworking Has Changed in 10 Years

How woodworking has changed in the last decade, building a door, the future of furniture design, the Handworks show, table top glueups, and installing the Turbo Vise.

Build Your First Table

Building your first table, tools you should never buy used, and how to get those pesky feed rollers working properly.

Rehydrated Toast

Our 2020 goals, what we’ve been up to, and the fact that the WE’RE BACK BABY!!

Feed the Ashley

Dovetails, pre-finishing, and why slabs are so pricey!

Cool Your Balls

Variable suction on a dust collector, having helpers in the shop, how to use turning tools, dealing with a twisted board, and wood allergies,

Woodworking Predictions for 2019

Our woodworking predictions, our woodworking goals for 2019, stickering barrel staves, rite of passage projects, clamping pressure, sanding dovetails, dueling dust collectors, what we watch/listen to, getting back into woodworking after a layoff

Marc Sold his Scrub Plane

Chisel storage, spokeshave use, a jointer buying decision, scrub planes, and rotted sapwood

A Call from Yore

Tool maintenance, spring pole lathes, poorly dried wood, and fine tuning with a jointer

Marc’s Dad Called

Shop layout, differences in bench planes, how much of the tree can be used.

Marc Says No

Planter box finishing, why lumber dealers are closed on the weekends, and is rough lumber necessary?

Don’t Klassen Me Bro

On today’s show we’re talking about: sliding dovetails, the Greg Klassen debacle, drilling 1.5″ holes, and strop maintenance

An Inch Too Short

On today’s show we’re talking about what we did on our summer break and a Voicemail extravaganza.

You Got Formaldehyde in My Plywood

Outdoor finish options, what’s the deal with the DelVe Square?, Plywood safety, applying Enduro-Var, making gifts for other woodworkers, expired finishes, soundproofing the shop.

Marc’s Butt is Hungry

what’s the deal with the #6 fore plane?, support for large tops, building boats, and furniture styles

We Can’t Take Criticism

Getting that vintage Cherry look, building movie furniture, how to prepare the shop for the summer, low angle planes, outsourcing finishing, air dried vs kiln dried lumber for a bench, and our critique of bad critiques.

All Spalt, No Maple

On today’s show we’re talking about: selling tools before you move, your first trip to a lumber yard, and table saw power.

It Was Always Done that Way

Edge-banding router bits, boxed beam construction, our contributions to woodworking, to pre-finish or not to pre-finish, drill press speeds, epoxy pouring tips, and should you buy a Domino.

We Don’t Know Media

On today’s show we’re talking about: keeping cool in the summer shop, wood choice for a baton, Getting into chainsaw milling

What is Your Favorite Glue?

On today’s show we’re talking about: a case of the dropsies, what’s the deal with slabs, and flooring for the shop.

Loading the Wood Condom

Building complex reproductions, breadboard end tenon length, cutting board finish, and match-planing boards

BS Woodworking Wisdom

A sarcastic take on the six pieces of woodworking wisdom that are crap.

Rough Ride on the Back End

Struggling to get started on a project, shellac and wax finish, sharpening issues and the MK.II jig, book recommendations, and hollowing with hand tools

Pee in the Glue Pot

Ozoroa reticulata, unnecessary expensive tools, cross grain workbench, and making a table lighter.

Woodworking Fads We Hate

Cheap chisels, the worst woodworking fads, the Woodsmith Shop, end-grain table tops, case miters, and cherry alternative

Woodturning Gouges vs Scrapers

Gouges vs scrapers, low angle jack advice, tack cloths, our business names, and getting into restoration.

We Didn’t Quit…Again

The boys are back! We’re talking about yoga blocks, sources for turning blanks, projects with your kids, and wedges for leg vices.

WT426 – Dactylilly

On today’s show we’re talking about painting furniture, our favorite hand tools, the best tool for rabbeting, an alternative to latex paint, and the best

WT425 – Latina Bandsaw

Grain tear out, bandsaw upgrades, why do they like gray and how can we stop it?, Woodworking stuff in Europe, and what lathe setup to start with.

WT424 – Smell those Lacquer Fumes

Hard wax oil finishes, sharpening gauges, getting into CNC?, securing table tops, and explaining woodworking to the uninitiated.

WT422 – Matt is Wrong About Breadboards

On today’s show we’re talking about workbench lumber, whats the deal with breadboard ends, and tool storage. Voicemails Steve is looking for advice on buying

WT421 – Mind the Thigh Gap

On today’s show we’re talking about: what glues work best at low temperatures, rust prevention on the hand tools, and mortiser setup What’s On the

WT420 – We Quit…for the Year

On today’s show we’re talking about glue for bent laminations, storing hardware and fasteners, dust collection basics, and mid priced handsaws.

WT418 – Horse Plumber’s Butt

Using plans, smoothing plane angles, what’s the deal with horse butt?, budgeting for the future, and what will come of the Sawstop acquisition?

WT416 – I Couldn’t Hold it In

a bench for a hybrid woodworker, speeding up the cherry’s color change, building for tools, and the morality and ethics of taking inspiration.

WT415 – Should Have Been a Guitar

On today’s show we’re talking about: woodworking continuing education, buying a Sawstop, and investing in the shop. What’s On the Bench Marc spoke at the

WT413 – Matt Gets Some

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, dealing with pests in the shop, stable hardwoods, and workbench finishes

WT410 – Bouncing Down the Dado

Intentionally building out of square, the necessity of miter saws, adding texture, choosing a router plane, and introducing new woodworkers to tools.

WT407 – Woe is Us

sliding vs non-sliding miter saws, workbench crochets, storing logs before milling them

WT405 – Cremona Totem Pole

When to say and when to plane, losing the battle with hickory, tacky finish, material thickness, and stop blocks, and etc.

WT403 – Matt Rips Chain

Sapele working properties, Veneering Solid wood, 220v extension cords, and ripping chain.