569 – Matt Prefers it Hard

It’s show #568 On today’s show, we’re talking about hard vs soft sanding pads, the purpose of a shavehook, PVA glue life, emotional projects, Cabinets

568 – Woodworker vs the HOA

woodworker vs the HOA, sharpening a card scraper, flat bottom table saw cuts, and disposable blade hand planes

567 – The Blue Woodcraft

shoulder planes?, the very super cool tools fence, and a question about router fences that Matt probably can’t answer.

566 – Matt’s Little Thing

Oops! All Questions episode. We’re talking about some new tools, the longevity of glue joints, uses for CNC, and domestic hardwood alternatives.

565 – Hating on Harvey?

 It’s show #565 On today’s show, we’re talking about power jointers vs jointer planes, finishing shop walls, which smoothing plane, and regretting Harvey Tools

563 – Jesus Cremona

gluing in the cold,dog hole placement, & Maintaining surfacing router bits

562 – Matt Hates Podcasts

It’s show #562 On today’s show, we’re talking about dealing with analysis paralysis, keeping Purpleheart purple, our favorite podcasts. Sponsored by You If you want

561 – Stop Touching It

Choosing a smoothing plane, tung oil finish problems, and why face frames first.

559 – Show Us Your Bottom

Pre-fab cabinets (should you?), leg and rail construction, setting grinder angles, router bit safety

558 – Plywood…Suck it Flat

It’s show #558 On today’s show, we’re talking about the current state of plywood, the new Rip-it fence, and making stuff flat & square. Sponsored

557 – Marc is the Way

It’s show #557 On today’s show, we’re talking about Handworks, dust masks with beards, quartersawn Oak, and why do my miters suck? Woodworking News Marc

554 – Goodbye, Maybe Forever

handsaws for the hybrid woodworking shop, allergic reactions to Rubio, epoxy butterfly inlays, any woods to avoid in the BBQ?

552 – Embarrassed by all the Shiplap

trusting other people’s measurements, domino vs dowel joinery, split top or not, and dealing with the poor decisions of previous homeowners.

550 – Not Our Best Work

Electricity for woodworkers, cheap hand planes, refinishing a Walnut table, what to do with old saw blades, woodworking in someone else’s shop, and snapping bandsaw blades.

548 – Domino Killed the Dovetail Star

Norm Abram the YouTuber, why’s Matt so small and shy yet confident, features of an all in one workbench, and organizing portable power tools.

544 – Shannon’s Offense of the Quarter

We’re talking about what does “credibility” look like in 2023? Pore-filling, getting shop time when you have kids, and finishing only one side of a board.

542 – Tree Curious

We’ve got a grab bag of odd questions. Don’t blame us…you asked.

540 – High Octave Lumber Sales

Why you’ll go poor trying to sell lumber, Torrefied wood doors, mortising by hand, and good uses for flooring off-cuts.

539 – Trixie Spagnuolo

Making barn videos, sharpening curved blades, learning how to train someone in a one-man shop, and we heard from you guys about a bunch of things that are Matt’s fault!

538 – Don’t tighten your nuts so hard

Woodworking and mental health, a Moxon vise as your only vise, why a quick release mechanism doesn’t exist for table saw blades, and tools that have been in storage.

536 – Thumb Crotch

Demonstrating woodworking, shoulder planes, dealing with splinters, applying Rubio to a frame & panel, breadboard popularity, and premium router table set ups.

535 – Elite Straightists

What is straight, the ugly truth about content creation, and plywood vs solid wood.

534 – Where Does Water Come From?

Why you should never write in to criticize this show, workbench or hand tools first, jointing wood, bandsaw brakes, and when to seal logs?!

533 – Hand Jobby

glue for veneering, marc the voiceover guy, stealing designs, and buying lumber locally.

532 – Tell Me About Your Balls

It’s show #532! On today’s show, we’re talking about Japanese vs western saws, bit storage, and designing a woodshop layout from scratch. Sponsored by You

530 – Should We Trust Tool Reviews?

It’s show #530 On today’s show, we’re talking about tool reviews, options for resawing a wide slab, smoking with project scraps and straight edges. Sponsored

528 – The Final Shop

What we look for in an ideal shop space, diamond saw files, dealing with a wife that oversteps her bounds, and owning multiple sets of tools.

526 – Missouricans

Getting old sucks, changes for Marc, skewed plane blades, and are cantilevered drum sanders worth it?

524 – Q&A Bonus Show

Just because we love you all so much it’s time for a rapid fire question and answer edition of WoodTalk.

523 – Unanimous Poo Pooing

Unsolicited advice, plywood vs solid wood, and milling boards in real time, and sanding to high grits.

522 – Does She Have a Sister?

Sliding dovetails in thin stock, the best finish for a kitchen countertop, and a Contractor Table Saw vs Cabinet Saw

521 – The Normic Period

Woodworking magazines, communicating with our followers, and do we actually need to upgrade tools in order to get better?

518 – Bandaids

Buying your first hardwoods, assemblies with no dings, and roubo from slabs.

515 – The Hangover Method

Dimensioning lumber, a stupid question about pre-finishing, flattening boards wider than your jointer

512 – Bowl of Spagbo

Extra screws, how Minwax stain works, and Design Intellectual property.

511 – Nature is Dumb

Micro bevels, cross cut sleds vs miter gauges, veneer glue that won’t kill you….I think, and how much work do to on used tools.

508 – Crotch to the Face

Hand tools for the power tool user, which finishes spontaneously combust, Drilling big and deep into end grain.

507 – Euro Meat

Baltic Birch frustration, sanding before finishing, finishing an outdoor bench, and what’s the deal with compression bits?!

504 – Matt’s Anals

Midcentury roundovers, woodworking terminology, woodworking with newborns, and Random Orbit Sanders vs Sheet Sanders

503 – Shannon Hates Nurses

Our bad attitudes, Veritas MKII issues, sealing a wooden coffee container, and using the wrong tool for the job.

502 – Fueled by Hoochie

Replaceable saw blades, Beadlock, thingamabobs, sawdust allergies, and drying wood cookies.

WT501 – Humpin’ Trees

Warped lids, workbench vises, finish for a cedar chest, where to find screws, and Matt’s Wood lot.

WT500 – Marc Likes Little Balls

Workbench height, end grain routing, hand planing body language and so much more. And to celebrate 500 episodes of this dumb show, we’re doing to do a celebratory woodworking quiz.

WT498 – Better to Be Smooth

Paralysis by analysis, the best way to learn woodworking, new vs vintage hand tools, and tool maintenance schedules. Also now featuring your funny captions

WT497 – I Hate You

Table saw extension wings, what you get when you pay more for a random orbit sander, wet wood, identifying wood, and material for a new bench top.

WT496 – Put A Ring On It

Wood movement, rasps, diamond stones, store bought workbenches, and finding free logs.