WT224 – Woof Woof Shannon!

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On today’s show, we’re talking about finishing plywood, full extension shop made drawer slides, and controlling hand plane tearout.

It’s Shannon’s birthday tomorrow and Marc had a custom song made for him from 1HappyBirthday.com!

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc is using long Dominos as panel straighteners
  • Matt is mentally preparing for the big, dresser glue up
  • Shannon decided to just read about woodworking with Peter Galbert’s new book, A Chairmaker’s Notebook

What’s New?

    • Michael shared a video about salad tongs in Butternut

    • The latest episode of The Highland Woodworker is out!

  • Shannon shared a link to the digital copy of “With Hammer in Hand“, an excellent book on 18th Century Tools and Technique

Poll of the Week

Have You Ever Purchased Tools from a Woodworking Show?


  • Dean, Dana, and Steve all had great thoughts to share about buying tools or taking a class from our last show


Nathan has some wide boards and wants to know if he should rip them down for stability


  • Colin wants to know how to blend his Walnut plywood with his solid Walnut face frames
  • Russell wants to know if all wood full extension drawer slides are possible and Matt shared some links from Fine Woodworking: Full Extension Slides, Shop Made Full Extension Slides
  • Jim is having trouble with tear out in Walnut and wonders how to control tear out with a hand plane

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11 replies on “WT224 – Woof Woof Shannon!”

On the recent weekend edition WT 223 you talked about tool Vs class. There was supposed to be a class on the Tool chest build from The Schwarz here in my location, Adelaide Australia. I had my name down on the list and it was going to be about $1,000 and although I had not been really been interested in doing a class I was going to stump up for this one. However when Chris pulled the plug on the Australian tour for personal reasons they replaced him with a couple of Australian dudes. I am sure they would have been perfectly competent they were not The Schwarz so I decided instead to opt for a bandsaw.

Hey guys,

Thanks for answering my question about my wide boards. I was literally planing them and getting ready for glue up as I listened to the answer to my question! I’m going to take Matt’s advice and figure out a way to brace them with battens. The 4/4 slabs have been air dried for two years, and with this cold dry winter were at 10% when I bought them. They’ve been acclimating to 12% in my shop, so I’m pretty confident they’re as stable as they can be. With the design of this dresser/changing table it will be simple to remove the top and reflatten if necessary, so thanks for that Marc. I’ll also be taking Shannon’s advice to use the same board to glue up for the top.

And, Matt, if you’re ever in Saginaw visiting the Saginaw contingent, shoot me an email! Tell them you need to help me flatten boards at my shop when really we can just drink beer and talk shop. Thanks again guys!

Glad to hear I’m not the only one trying to fight ads on the FWW website. I’m a paid subscriber but it’s getting a little silly. Hello, AdBlock. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of financial trouble for the magazine.

Hey guys thanks for another great show, quick question though I can’t get to the giveaway site what am I doing wrong?

Hey Lance thanks for listening! I tried the link and had no problem, maybe it’s a pop-up blocker or security setting on your computer?

Hi Shannon – great segment on spot planing. Please do a ‘Chips and Tips’ on your site for it..

FWIW – on bevel up planes, always buy the 25-degree blade. Then if you want 50 or whatever, change it to make 50 a secondary bevel. Starting with 25 means you will have a lot less metal to remove – and the 25-degree primary will last ‘forever’. (Tip from Derek Cohen, Perth)

And repeat – NO back bevels, ever, on bevel up…

Hey Matt,

My wife too is from Saginaw. Although we live in upstate NY now, we usually head out for a week around July 4th holiday. Any good woodworking spots or decent lumber yards in that area for me to check out next time?

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