WT232 – Back to Betamax

Today’s show is brought to you by Festool:
Whether you are sawing, routing, ripping down large sheets or cutting a clean miter, you want definitive authority and control in your hands. See how to get it festoolusa.com.

On today’s show, we’re talking about should you leave the marking gauge line or get rid of it, how flat does a jointing plane need to be and sharpening a fine toothed saw.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc is building a bathroom mirror and going old school on his video production
  • Matt is dealing with tear out on his drawer sides
  • Shannon went birding with his wife and now has to build a bird feeder

What’s New?

Poll of the Week

What are your thoughts on Poplar?


  • Geoff is a knitter and he wants respect!
  • Josh wonders if maybe gaps between boards are necessary when building outdoor projects
  • John doesn’t get how running a panel through the planer right out of the clamps would work
  • Joe the shop teacher is gellin’ with his cushioned inserts
  • Vinny called back in to clarify which Roomba he is using for his shop


  • The OCD Woodworker called in to ask about anti fatigue matts and our opinions on hard or soft
  • David from KC wants to know what he is doing wrong when it comes to pore filling Mahogany


  • Tim wants to know if we leave the knife line on our dovetail baselines or remove it, and why, and how.
  • Tony has a slightly out of flat Stanley #8 jointer and wants to know if it is a user or a junker…so banana hands Matt comes tot he rescue.
  • Josh is wondering if really fine dovetail saws can be sharpened and how the heck do you do it.

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10 replies on “WT232 – Back to Betamax”

Hey Matt,

seems to me i am one of the munich listeners 😀 Buuuut i am certainly not in the vanderlist house now .. so wheres my invitation?

If your daughter is going to Germany picking up any Festool Roberts that you could get stateside wouldn’t be of any benefit to you. However due to the difficulties of certain electrical compliance certifications that are required to bring tools into the US Festool has many products that are only available in the UK, that would probably be the stuff you want her to pick up for you. just because it doesn’t have the US electrical certifications certainly doesn’t mean that they would be inferior tools by any stretch of the imagination. You can see these tools on the Festool German website if you can in fact read German, otherwise if you go to Festool UK website you can see all the neat stuff that we just can’t get over here.

Good to know. I’d hate to have her suitcase filled with unusable Festool goodies.

Maybe I’ll have to see if we can swing her a layover at Heathrow.

Matt, good luck avoiding an unplanned layover at Heathrow. Should a person get out on schedule, the odds of your bags also doing so are slim. Avoid Heathrow.

Actually, I have heard from some folks who do fine going through there, but I hope to avoid testing their good faith.

Thanks for the podcasts. I especially like the addition of the single-topic weekend show.
Well done, folks.

I totally agree with Joe, Merrell brand shoes are totally worth the money, as well as Matt’s choice in Keen’s. A cool thing about Keen shoes is that they have a little extra toe protection.

I entirely appreciate the level of detail that Marc, Matt and Shannon put into their videos. I still look forward to the uncut TWW live sessions, even when Marc’s waiting for the camera angle to adjust, or when Matt goes silent for a couple of minutes battling through a major glue up. For me, personally, a more thorough tutorial helps me anticipate some of the obstacles I may confront, shows me how to address those obstacles, and how to apply a variety of woodworking techniques. The same way I can talk shop for hours, I can watch ten different ways on how these guys can join two boards together. I say keep it coming and keep trusting your intuition guys… It hasn’t failed you yet! Can’t wait to check out Marc’s new bathroom mirror video!

Hi guys,

imagine what it would be like to go back in time and make a video of the cabinet makers of the 16th and 17th century. Hours and hours of watching art being made. WOW! IMAGINE!

Thanks guys keep doing what your doing. Both the vids and the talk.

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