WT242 – The Calm and Collected Long Islander

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On today’s show we’re talking about workbench finishes, rust prevention in the tool cabinet, and whether to wipe away glue when it’s wet or dry.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc is still working on his rocking chair
  • Shannon did nothing but lay in bed
  • Matt is dreaming of a new office project

What’s New?

Poll of the Week

How Do You Fund Your Woodworking


  • Dyami called in again in a calm and controlled manner to express his opinions on miter saws and lumber dimension numbers.


Gerard has a question about cutting 90 degrees on his table saw because his saw doesn’t cut 90 ever.


  • Martin wants to know what would be the best finish for a workbench.
  • Kevin is wondering about rust prevention measures inside his hand tool cabinet.
  • Jonathan wants to know how we deal with cleaning up glue squeeze out.

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10 replies on “WT242 – The Calm and Collected Long Islander”

Editing is for amateurs! I imagine everyone wants everything super-polished and fake like Hollywood, but that’s not happening around here CHORTLE!

Someone on youtube (Garage Woodworks maybe?) showed a tip about using a plastic straw to scrape away glue drips. Flexible enough to bend into corners, and the glue goes right into the straw too. I keep meaning to try it out. It looks like a brilliant idea.

Regarding lumber dimensions; It would seem normal to me to write : 2″x 4″ x 16′ but then read it out loud as 16′ 2 x 4 .

The rust prevention issue…. The Goldenrod. Lee valley sells it.


I love in Georgia. I lived on the coast most of my life until two years ago. Nothing works as good as this little thing does. I have used literally every product. All the woodworking sites carry with the exception of the camphor. I didn’t like the idea of a coating on my planes. The goldenrod though. It works. Period. Zero rust issues since I put it into the cabinet I keep my handtools in.
For things like my bandsaw table that I need to protect …. I use the CRC 36 that fine woodworking gave great test results about…


I just spray the table down and let sit like that. When it comes time to use the bandsaw, I just wipe the table off and make my set up and then cut. Again, this stuff has not allowed even a tinge of surface rust to form on my rikon table.

Hi guys,
Late to the game (was on vaca), but my two cents regarding dimension. I grew up using metric, so I tend to think and assess things by eye in metric, but most of the woodworking I’ve been doing here in the US has been in imperial, for obvious reasons. The plus side of this is that I have a decent sense of what something is in both systems. I do tend to like metric better: far simpler.
And regarding how to write, I’m with Marc here. Good to know that there is a standard (T/W/L), but if you are actually including references to the unit of measurement and/or the type, it shouldn’t matter. We all tend to include ” or cms to indicate the unit, in order to avoid confusion (didn’t we learned this from Spinal Tap?), so why not being consistent and not assume anything?



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