WT250 – Meow Mix!

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On today’s show we’re talking about charging relatives for your work and dealing with too-narrow dados.

What’s on the Bench?

What’s New?

Poll of the Week


  • Shawn had some thoughts on traditional turning tools.


  • Josh wants to know what to build with his spalted maple.


  • Eric wants to know how much he should charge a family member for his woodworking/refinishing.
  • Rich has some dados that are 1/16″ too small and is looking for some suggestions.

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8 replies on “WT250 – Meow Mix!”

Texans tend to call Osage Orange “Bodark”
In fact the first time i heard someone say Osage Orange i had no clue what that was and someone said “Oh you mean Bodark!”

I was hoping to find show notes for this one. You mentioned several upgrades that I wanted to lookup today. Especially the band saw items. What were the guides called again? (Oh, nm, I’ll re-listen.)

Was listening to the podcast (first off, great show!), and was thinking up ideas for Matt for the X-carve. Do you have a favorite or family board game that the box is starting to fall apart? Make a custom box with the cover art carved on the lid and a custom insert that fits all those pieces just right. Maybe carve the whole thing at once from a solid block.

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