WT254 – Shop Talk Live is Number Two

On today’s show, we’re talking about top-coating paint, zero clearance for dado blades, and buying lumber online.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc has started a new outdoor bench build
  • Shannon doesn’t have a fever for the first time in a week
  • Matt is either building a CNC or a Terminator

What’s New?

Poll of the Week

How Often Do You Find Yourself Unmotivated to Get in the Shop


  • Tom had a new point of view on the rehash of woodworking content.
  • Nick has a comment about helical head planers and the amperage draw.
  • James says that his Home Depot still carries Rigid planer blades.


  • Andrew is looking for a good painted finish for a daddy daughter project.
  • War Eagle Woodworker is wondering whether to use a matched size zero clearance throat plate when using his dado set.
  • Darryl is wondering whether his online lumber dealer is shorting him on the board footage.

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4 replies on “WT254 – Shop Talk Live is Number Two”

I live in an area where a good lumber supplier is extremely limited. I do have a Woodcraft, but those guys are expensive and they know it and don’t care. I’d love for the big box stores to carry domestic exotic lumber. Also, I agree with Marc, if you order 10 bf, you should get at least 10 bf. Typically the customer is paying for shipping anyway (and yes, shipping is crazy expensive) but if you need 10bf, you need 10bf, not less. Typically I will add 10% to my material list – just for this reason. Great show guys, keep it up.

hey guys. Sorry I didn’t include the location for the planer blades, I was pre occupied figuring out which way to describe the dimensions of a board. Planer blades are located with the router bits and jigsaw blades in my store. On the right hand side top corner. May be different in other stores. Sku is 673955. We also have them for dewalt.

Now that woodworkers are sort of pushed into ordering wood online these days given the obsolescence of local mills and suppliers I firmly believe the online suppliers are not giving proper respect to the small fish, like myself, when it comes to ordering small batches of expensive wood. I didn’t know I was being shorted for a long time until I ordered a specific amount for a specific project and realized I got completely hosed. I measured over and over thinking I had to of screwed up somehow, but when I was convinced my math was correct and called the supplier they told me I should always over-order just to be sure I have enough. What a scam. So this weekend when I make my spinach quiche that calls for 12 eggs I guess I had better buy 2 dozen, just in case.
BTW the supplier was not Rockler but rockler does, or did have a “sampler package” of various hardwoods recently for $91 and the shipping was $109. Woodcraft is starting to look like a Dollar Store.

Kept forgetting, but wanted to chime in as Shannon requested. The multiple bundles I’ve purchased from hardwoodtogo.com have been at least 5% more than what is stated, and usually a good bit more than that. Quick shipping and good product, my local hardwood dealer is looking worse and worse…

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