WT256 – Guess What Chicken Butt?

On today’s show we’re talking about letting necessity be the mother of invention, anticipatory duct work for dust collection, breadboard end joinery.

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc is finishing up an outdoor bench build
  • Matt went to the woods to whittle
  • Shannon went back to work on his blanket chest

What’s New?


  • David and Jeff both have some feedback on buying lumber online.
  • John and Greg both agree with cutting yourself some slack when reviewing your own work and have some great advice.


  • Chad is wondering about adding a tool storage box under his workbench.
  • John has some questions about setting up rigid ductwork for his dust collection.
  • Bob is working on breadboard ends and has some questions.

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4 replies on “WT256 – Guess What Chicken Butt?”

I can’t thank Shannon enough for his description of why some of us can’t get into the shop.
Describes me to the “T”.
Listening to that made me get back in the shop today after about 2 months of watching what I could be doing instead of actually doing it.
Love your show, listen every week.

I agree with John Di Martino. Shannon is correct! I spend 80% of my available “shop time” watching and reading about what I could be doing. It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one. I’m back in the shop!

Thanks so much for the breadboard end construction discussion!!! As you were able to tell I got myself into something I thought I understood, usually I understand everything I know. I didn’t know I didn’t know how to do this, hmm? What else don’t I not know I know?

Thank goodness for the WT crew to help me out!

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