WT329 – Shallow and Pedantic

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On today’s show, we’re talking about tricky double-sided tape, buying your first backsaw, and router tables.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is aging hinges for his Grandfather clock
  • Matt painted his sawmill
  • Shannon tried to knock himself out with plywood

What’s New

  • The Samurai Carpenter is at it again and making a bed for his son. A very touching episode.
  • Paul shared a video of a great homemade treadle lathe.
  • Charlie sent us an article about new CBN grinding wheels


  • Bruce and Chris both has some great insight into LED shop lighting


AJ is going to be teaching a class at Woodcraft and wants some words of wisdom


  • Matt wants to know if we ever make projects just for ourselves and not film it.
  • Eric wants to know how Marc pulls the backing off his double side tape so easily
  • Ted is curious to learn about our router table set ups.
  • Matt wants to buy his first saw and wants to know whether to get a carcass saw filed rip or crosscut.

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11 replies on “WT329 – Shallow and Pedantic”

This is a short film done by a Japanese Researcher at one of their University’s that you may not yet have seen as it only has less than 30,000 views so far.
It is showing microscopically how a cap iron works on a hand plane. I guarantee you’ll love this Shannon, even I over geeked myself watching thisone lol. It is at
Hope that you find it as fascinating as I did, amazing, truly amazing.

And just quickly, does anyone know if the ad on this page for the diy smart saw is legit or . . . It certainly sounds like a great buy, plans etc to build a cnc machine for $39 but I worry about getting burnt like the Ted’s woodworking plans a mate bought before I heard you guys saying beware. Even here down under in Australia we get caught out occassionaly lol

Hey Phil. Not everyone sees the same ad since it’s a Google Ad. It’s usually based on your browsing history. So I doubt you’ll find anyone seeing the same ad you are. That said, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. But try searching for the name of the product and maybe ask in a woodworking forum and see if anyone has tried it before.

Hey Marc, I recently bought these LED shop lights from Sam’s based on recommendations I found online. As far as I can tell, it’s the same one Rockler sells for $49. They put out a lot of light and I’m pretty pleased. I’m far from a lighting expert, but one thing I learned was that the lumen output of an LED fixture isn’t necessarily the same thing as from a flourescent. The fl bulb puts out light in all directions and some of that luminescence that goes up and is reflected and lost (or at least diminished), whereas on the LED fixture it is all directed down and to the sides. Just something else to think about.


Mark, unless I missed it, we’ve heard a lot about your move but I’ve never heard why you are moving.
Not sure why since I have not missed a show.


Hi Marc

You wanted to know if someone is using recessed can lights in their shop. I’m using 10 fixtures in a big rectangular pattern in my shop. My shop is 14×25 or so. I’m using 60 watt equivalent CFL light bulbs and it’s pretty bright in there. I’m very happy with the amount of lighting I have. I’m pretty sure 100 watt equivalent LED or CFL will make it super bright but I don’t feel the need. I have a row of 3 wired to a motion sensing switch so they come on as soon as I open the door to the shop. Hopefully that helps.

When I took over the family room 14×50 it had 10 recessed lights (when the kids moved out). Even though it was plenty of light for a kids play area, it was not enough for a shop. I replaced most of them with florescent tube fixtures.

Regarding recessed LEDs- in my prior basement shop, I installed 24 recessed new-construction cans in my very low (7ft) open-joist ceiling and put 100w daylight Philips A19 LEDs. Only part of the basement was the shop- about 12 of the lights. I installed them in strategic locations over the bench and then the rest to provide as even lighting as possible.

It was definitely bright! However, since all of the light was coming from the ceiling, and rather low head clearance, I still got a lot of shadowing and task lighting on the bench was still necessary. Also, bright lights were blinding when looking upwards.

I was planning on adding LED strip lights above the tool wall (french cleats, etc) in front of the bench and in the joist spaces for additional task lights.

Instead I moved to a new house with a 2 car 2-floor detached garage with 10 foot ceilings I am going to convert to a workshop. Instead of repeating the lighting setup, I plan to insulate the ceiling, install drywall and then put in LED surface-mount fixtures and possibly some wall sconces for more even lighting.

Hi Marc
When I built my shop I used recessed fluorescent tube fixtures with the plexiglass lenses. They can sit right up in betweeb the ceiling joists and are thus flat with the ceiling. Each fixture has two T-8 bulbs but you could easily install LEDs in them. which is what I plan to do when the T-8s blow. The fixtures are available at the Big Box stores. I believe they refer to them as troffers.
Hope you find something that works for you.
Thanks for the great show.


PS I hate putting my CC info on line. Is there anyway I can donate to the show using a check or money order?

I’ve been listening to all the episodes for the first time the last two months. I was looking for a link to the double sided tape Mark uses. I know this is a bit late but I’m playing catch up and I could use a good double sided tape for my guitar building. Hope y’all see this and thanks for the great show.

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