WT434 – Rough Ride on the Back End

On today’s show we’re talking about: Struggling to get started on a project, shellac and wax finish, sharpening issues and the MK.II jig, book recommendations, and hollowing with hand tools

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc has started his executive desk and is playing with wood bleach to get even colors between solid and plywood.
  • Shannon started on a side table, top first

What’s New


  • Craig has some kickback on helical planer heads
  • Daniel has feedback on woodworking books vs videos
  • Nate is playing with Shellac and wax and having issues
  • Nick has sharpening woes


  • Jeremiah wonders if we have doubts about our skills or designs when it comes to building using someone else’s money
  • Joe is making a snare drum by hand and needs help hollowing the inside of the staves

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7 replies on “WT434 – Rough Ride on the Back End”

Love the podcast

Have you guys used Rubio Monocoat? If yes, any thoughts on the product.

Thank you, Matt Baldwin

I upgraded the head on my DW735 to a byrd helical and am able to remove more material with the bryd head than i was able to remove with the strait knives on a full 13″ width pass. I used the planer for about 4 years before upgrading and have been using it for about a year after upgrading. Also i’d have used up 2 sets of blades in the last year easy so the head will easily.

I think the myth came around because Byrd made the overall diameter of the cutter head smaller for the DW735 so that you could slide the retrofit in with out having to remove all of the inserts. It decreased the max cut depth by 1/32 but this is because of physical size not power constraints. So instead of being able to take an 1/8″ pass i can now only remove 3/32 max at one time.

I also upgraded to the Byrd helical heads on my DW735. After the upgrade, the breaker would occasionally trip the 15 Amp breaker in my panel when I took a relatively deep pass on a wide board whereas the stock straight blades never did. Simply putting in a 20 Amp breaker resolved the issue.

Hey Guys, how about posting the titles to your book suggestions! Especially the furniture design ones.

Hi Guys,
Wax over shellac … wax is a protective coat to keep those upside down shot glass circles off of your finish! Shellac cut makes a difference … a very light (aka “spit coat” using as little as 1/2 to 1 pound per gallon will give you a finish you can manipulate easier than say a 2 pound cut. You MUST clean the shellac dust off before adding the next coat … tack cloth time.

With regard to reading text (books, magazines) vs watching a video, I’ve encountered more people are now “visual” learners … they need pictures or videos. There apparently is no classification for us dinosaurs that read, understand, and can follow the written instruction (large sigh inserted for the auditory learner).

Keep up the good work … I find myself answering your questions posed on the show, and occasionally getting the right answer! So … Don’t Quit!


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