WT436 – Loading the Wood Condom

On today’s show we’re talking about: building complex reproductions, breadboard end tenon length, cutting board finish, and match-planing boards

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is working on his Executive Desk
  • Mat is back from England and Italy and doesn’t have an accent
  • Shannon is vacuum veneering Sapele onto structural Fir beams

What’s New

  • Tommy MacDonald is suing WGBH over the use of Rough Cut Woodworking


  • Jim is looking for a replacement blade for his plane
  • Andy questions the cutting board finish
  • Bob called in to tell us about the Japanese Super Surfacer


  • Robert wonders if a woodworker of any level can build the Blacker house chair using just the templates from William Ng and Marc’s instruction
  • Neil asks how long the tenons need to be in a breadboard joint
  • Dave is struggling with making panel joints by hand and asks about match planing

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2 replies on “WT436 – Loading the Wood Condom”

If I spent that kind of money to take a class, you can bet I will be highly ticked off if I didn’t go home with a finished project, as well as the knowledge to reproduce it. If there are jigs or templates needed to build it, then I better have all the information needed to accurately build them.
It’s a class. Just the description means you should be learning to do whatever the title says at your own shop.

Anyone else counting the seconds until the first double entendre of each episode? Most episodes you can count them on your fingers – even if you aren’t a sawstop user! Marc, Matt and Shannon – thanks for edutainment… with more wood!

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