WT488 – The Hairy Palm Episode

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It’s show #488 for October 21st, 2020, and today we doing a Q&A show to clean out our inbox…and to answer your questions.

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Voicemails & Emails

  • Tom asks, “you’re back???, did I miss a Patreon announcement!”
  • Todd wants to know what Marc thinks of his switch from Lie Nielsen to Veritas hand planes
  • Jason asks when it is best to use a card scraper vs a cabinet scraper and vice versa
  • Allen wonders if his dust collector has the oomph to keep up. Matt suggests reading this blog post
  • Sveto has a problem with epoxy soaking through the end grain on a tenon joint
  • Steve has green timbers and asks if he can begin building his workbench
  • Dale asks if any of us has captured a shop accident on film
  • Francis asks if storing his hand planes under the bench is a good idea.

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Have you discussed the below topic yet? Why are we buying glues all the time?

Japanese Wood Joinery “ Sashimono ” is a technique for assembling furniture and other wooden items without nails, using both simple and highly complex wood joints. Mortises or grooves called ‘hozo’ are carved into the wood in order to join two boards in a blind joint that’s not visible from the surface.

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