WT100 – 100th Episode Celebration

On today’s show, we’re celebrating our 100th episode!!!! We’ll have a few special guests and we’ll be taking your calls throughout the show.

What’s on the bench?

Shannon: Spring pole lathe, corner cabinet, and Woodwrights Shop DVDs.
Matt: Breaking Knew Concepts saw blades.
Marc: Building a new shop.

WTO Timeline Highlights

April 1st 2007, Episode #1 – Wood Talk Online was born.
April 1st 2009, Episode #53 – Bad April Fool’s Joke: Nuttin’ Wrong With Knittin’ is a new sponsor
July 18th 2009, Episode #57 – Matt and Marc Meet at AWFS 2009
June 10th, 2010 – Shannon officially joins Wood Talk Online in Episode 71 after guest hosting in episodes 66 and 70.
Sept. 7th 2010, Episode 73 – Wood Talk Online officially becomes Wood Talk Online Radio

Live Calls

Bobby Slack, Kari Hultman, Loogie, Dyami Plotke, Todd Clippinger,


Congratulations on your 100th show gentleman! Here’s a hypothetical: You have just entered a universe where money and shop time are infinite. What would be your next project? Are there any woods, tools or techniques that you would specifically want to use?

Jonathan P. Szczepanski (AKA Johnny No Name)


Chuck Bender, Eric from Kissimmee, Jeremy Kriewaldt, Jonathan Mendoza, Lucas Peters, Runningwood, Shawn Sealer, Tom Sustins, and Wilbur Pan.

8 replies on “WT100 – 100th Episode Celebration”

Hey Guys. Congrats on show 100. I’m still working on getting caught up on all the videos as you’ve been a recent discovery for me but I do listen to each new WTOR as it comes out and have listened to a few of the oldest shows.

I have to say that I would rather listen to the type of show you do with honest, straight forward opinions even if they sometimes do create some controversy rather than have you self censor or take such a middle of the road approach that no real information can ever be gathered by your listeners.

Loved listening to the recaps on this show and the montage of soundbites was especially fun.

My personal answer to Jonathan’s question and something on my bucketlist would be to build, at the very least, a carousel horse if not an entire carousel. Just think of the work involved in creating *every animal and feature!!!

Thanks again. Hope I get the chance to enjoy your next 100 shows.

Oh, yeah, a carousel or a mere chair. Now that gives a boy (or girl) something to dream about. Many variations. A Harry Potter character carousel. Or politicians you loath…ride ’em around in circles until they shut up. Or cute little woodland critters for those with fewer axes to grind. Many possibilities.
Now when Jonathan just comes up with that time, space and money for us to work with, we’ll get right on it. Ball’s in your court J.S.
Congrats on the 100th episode. I look forward to more of this fabulous journey.

Congratulations on the 100th episode Marc, Matt and Shannon, keep up the great work!! Very entertaining and informative!!

Here’s a suggestion for your 101 st episode, why not follow the theme of the TV programme, Room 101, where they put something they don’t like into Room 101. You could each put something that you don’t like about woodworking into Room 101.

Congrats, and look forward to many more episodes!!!

Congrats for 100th episode of the show. This show is very entertaining and informative thats why I love this show. I would love to see its 1000th episode of the show. Keep it up the great work you are doing.

Hi friends, is there any other medium you want to work with? Wood is slowly becoming costly and damaging commodity and to be green we are asked to avoid it. Your take? Would love to hear about these in your next show. And yes congrats, for the 100th show.

Congrats on your 100th episode. I have been watching almost all your episodes and find them very informative and interesting. In some episodes you also give the dimensions required for building the type of furniture under consideration which is a very good thought. This has really helped in many occasions.Thank you guys. Keep up the good work.

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