527 – Shaving Round Bottoms

It’s show #527 On today’s show, we’re talking about refining curves with a spokeshave, dining table design conundrum, and Random Orbital Sander Speeds

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is staging his house for sale.
  • Matt has finished the windows in the kitchen and sunroom.
  • Shannon is making Lyres from Baltic Birch picture frames.


  • Cam voices some confusion over the statement, “80 grit is sharp” from our last show
  • Justin got the cabinet saw on our advice and reports that sadly, no, his wife doesn’t have a sister.

Emails and Voicemails

  • Sean asks about using a spokeshave to refine curves and wonders which is best to start with.
  • Steve has an adventurous dining table design and asks about wood movement between the cross grain table leaves.
  • Reed wants to know when he should use the different speed settings on his palm sander.

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2 replies on “527 – Shaving Round Bottoms”

For the guy with the tablet question. What if he glued a spline into the long grain side of the piece, and left it dry in the end grain face with dowels securing it from the bottom. The dowels would not go all the way thru and the spline would have oblong holes. This way the end grain piece can expand along the spline but still be secured.

In a way this design sounds like the 4 pieces would each expand out in a different direction, almost like a pinwheel.


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