526 – Missouricans

It’s show #526. On today’s show, we’re talking about how getting old sucks, changes for Marc, skewed plane blades, and are cantilevered drum sanders worth it?

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What’s On the Dining Table

Shannon and Marc bemoan how much harder it is to stay fit and how easy it is to fall out of it as you get older. Mostly Marc talks about an upcoming move (again) and massive change with his business in mind.

News and Kickback

  • Christopher has some thoughts on making a casket in response to episode 524.

Emails and Voicemails

  • Matt asks is the hype on cantilevered drum sanders is real and really equal to double the width capacity.
  • Gustav is getting a skew on his plane blades as he sharpens them due to a bad honing guide and wonders if he needs to correct it now that he has a better guide.

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12 replies on “526 – Missouricans”

Glad to hear you’re moving to St. Louis. I’m a lifelong (59 years) resident. I’m also a professional furniture maker/woodworker. I’d be pleased to show you around and have your family over for grilled pork steaks. ( A St. Louis original) Look forward to hearing from you. Love the show. You’re going to love St. Louis. Great place to raise a family. You can’t fling a dead cat and not hit a good BBQ place. “The Hill” has fantastic family run Italian restaurants.

St.Louis area has lots of fun things….if you ever want to organize a wood talk online meet up at the city museum I will make that drive …. great place for kids big and small…..also second ” the hill ” ….it is slightly better then Prego….. Looking forward to the first video from the new place…”How to get the horse stink out of your wood shop” 🙂

I married a StL girl and the Hill is great as is Gioia’s Deli…the BBQ? Well, I am a KC guy so the StL stuff is not bad, but it’s not actually BBQ either… 🙂 Craig’s double negative above it right on…. it’s impossible to swing a dead cat and actually hit a good BBQ spot…unless your cat is as long as the stretch of I70 that goes to KC…. 🙂

Welcome to Missour-ee…….don’t let those StL folks get you calling it Missour-ah

I am in the St. Louis area and enjoy the benefits of a few acre property. I am working on building a small shop to move my woodworking out of the garage.
We have a Rockler, Woodcraft, and a lot of hardwood dealers in the area. So many trees in Missouri. That is how I got interested in woodworking as i was trying to figure out what to do with all of the trees on my property.

You’re going to love STL, Marc. A couple Italian spots of note, Paul Mannos, Zias and Charlie Gittos.

You should also check out WunderWoods in Saint Charles, their story is very similar to the Urban sawmill rise Shannon spoke about on Lumber Industry Update.

First off, it’s Missourians. I hope you’re prepared for wood movement. Humidity is a real thing in Missouri. I wish you were moving to the nice side of the state. But good luck anyway.

Having lived a lot of places myself, you’ll definitely leave a part of your heart in Colorado, but I think you’ll end up liking St. Louis more than you think. Many of the museums are free, as well as the Zoo. Not to mention most restaurants are locally owned.

I moved here for my wife and I like it better than anywhere I’ve lived…at the current stage of my life.

“Humidity is a real thing…”

How true and how understated!

Welcome to STL!

There’s much to like here and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.

If your home search is still ongoing, don’t be afraid to cast your net a little wider and look to the Illinois side. Lots of great communities there too with comparable commutes, great schools, plenty of rural opportunities, and similar overall costs of ownership.

No matter where you land I hope you and your family find STL to be nice place to call home. Being close to extended family when kids are little is priceless.

Safe travels.

Guessing you are moving to the outskirts of St. Louis is you are looking at at a 14 acre spread. If you end up in or around the Wentzville area I’d love to bug you to come talk to my woodworking students. No matter what, I hope you come in with an open attitude and put away some of that east coast bias you let slip in while talking about moving here. It’s actually a great place to live.

St. Louis has good Italian food. There is a neighborhood called The Hill that has a good number of really good Italian restaurants.

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