539 – Trixie Spagnuolo

It’s show #539 On today’s show, we’re talking about making barn videos, sharpening curved blades, learning how to train someone in a one-man shop, and we heard from you guys about a bunch of things that are Matt’s fault!

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What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is in the middle of a woodworker mid life crisis and buying Felder machines.
  • Matt is moving out of his warehouse into the new barn.
  • Shannon built a bow saw


  • FWW Live shouts out the Lumber Update‘s take on Birch Plywood
  • Austin sent us a voicemail about changing table saw blades.
  • Marc, Gordan, Adria, and Joshua all blame Matt for things in their lives and we take time to belittle Matt and all his influencer traits.

Listener Questions

  • Steve has suggestions for training Marc’s assistant, Jason.
  • Bill wants to know how Matt “Spielberg” Cremona filmed his barn videos.
  • Jeff is looking for advice on sharpening curved blades.

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One reply on “539 – Trixie Spagnuolo”

Hi Fellas,

Congrats to Marc on his new Felder planer. On Episode 539, Marc made a sideways reference to power requirements. I assume the machine is 3 phase, I’m curious to hear if your fire house has 3 phase power (I assume it does), if not are you planning on getting a phase converter? I have a Phase Technologies PT010 digital phase converter and have been happy with it, it keeps up just fine with my 7.5hp saw (or 7.5hp 16″ wide belt) and my 4hp dust collector. I have a 10hp shaper and 7.5hp bandsaw arriving soon, looking forward to adding them to the “3 phase club”. Happy to discuss the phase converter further if you’re interested.

I’m also curious which head Marc opted for, I assume TERSA, or did he select the Silent Power head? I have the Silent Power head on my A3-41 jointer/planer, but am planning on speccing the TERSA when I eventually upgrade to an AD941.

Hope you’re all doing well, thanks for the entertaining conversations.

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