556 – Check the Bed Bolts

It’s show #556 On today’s show, we’re talking about bed bolts, clumsy people, and old tools.

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What’s On the Dining Table

Eric wrote in asking about old tools and the steel quality…

I know y’all are mostly willing to buy modern premium tools, but I always hear people recommend buying old tools and saying that the older the tool, the better. The people who say this never seem to provide objective reasons to back up their claim. Is this actually true? I’m mostly asking about hand tools, but I hear it about power tools as well. Do you know if anyone has ever actually compared modern chisels and handplanes objectively to see if they really have better tolerances and steel for edge retention? If they are actually right, what makes the old steel better than something that is generally produced today?

Listener Questions

  • James is making a bed and asks about the process for filling the holes for the captive nuts in his bed bolt set up.
  • Michael sent in a voice message about breaking the edges of his furniture in order to make it safe for childrend…and clumsy people.

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