555 – I Had Done Roved it But Good

It’s show #555 On today’s show, we’re talking about transitional jointer planes, making a wide taper on a large slab, what happens to Matt’s wood?!

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc bought a sandpaper company (as one does) then started the last parts of Nicole’s closet.
  • Shannon is making shadow boxes for heirloom Japanese tea sets.
  • Matt is working on his great room trim.


  • Brodie observed while trapped at his nephew’s graduation: “I listened to the announcers making each name unique. If Matt were to do this I think they would all end in a question.”

Listener Questions

  • Joshua is building a conference table and looking for a way to add a wide bevel underneath the top edge.
  • James asks is his recently purchased 30″ long transitional jointer plane could be repurposed for use as a Fore or Jack plane.
  • Simon asks what happens to all the beautiful wood that Matt saws into boards. #doyouevenwoodworkbruh

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One reply on “555 – I Had Done Roved it But Good”

I just listened to 555 I have to agree with Matt on the pass the buck issue. I was an electrician for 30 yrs and constantly hearing oh just fix that issue that another trade created. We alway just do it because the other guy can’t come back to fix it…just do it correctly!!

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