559 – Show Us Your Bottom

It’s show #559 On today’s show, we’re talking about pre-fab cabinets (should you?), leg and rail construction, setting grinder angles, router bit safety

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc finished Nicole’s closet
  • Shannon glued up some panels…yay!
  • Matt is still building cabinets for the kitchen.


  • Joe wants to keep the listeners interested while Shannon drones on about technical stuff so he made Shannon Bingo
  • Jordan was admiring the table saw technique while watching “The Money Pit”

Listener Questions

  • Alex wants to build a knockdown gaming table and needs advice on leg to apron hardware.
  • Bob asks about buying pre-made cabinets instead of making them for his own shop.
  • Bob asks about how to set the tool rest on his grinder to get the bevel angle he is looking for.
  • “Concerned Woodworker” shares a video where there is some unsafe router practices on display and comments about grabbing a spinning router bit without harm.

Ask Us a Question

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Finally you can find us individually on Instagram at mattcremona, woodwhisperer, and renaissancewoodworker

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