560 – Don’t Hire Unskilled Nurses

It’s show #560 On today’s show, we’re talking about employees, woodworking isn’t a real job, and what impresses you?

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News from the Woodworking World

Lee Valley world domination continues as they bought the Hock Tool Co and Beall Tools. Really great to see both of these companies being able to continue offering their products under the Lee Valley/Veritas umbrella.


Pat writes in with his thoughts on bad plywood from the Architectural Millwork industry. He says to not use it at all and rely on MDF and particle board with veneer faces.

What’s On the Dining Table

Let’s talk about hiring employees in our woodworking businesses. What has been our experience across a wide variety of business sizes and environments.

Listener Questions

  • Alex started woodworking full time and gets funny questions about his “little” project since apparently woodworking isn’t a real job.
  • Ryan has a question about using undermount drawer slides in solid wood.
  • Joe asks what we look at when examining someone else’s work. What are the details that makes a great piece.

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5 replies on “560 – Don’t Hire Unskilled Nurses”

Love the show, really enjoyed this episode.

One little quibble: the blue-gray Wood Talk t-shirt in the upper right hand corner of this web page is no longer for sale. If I click on the image, it goes to a blank page on The Wood Whisperer’s website. I looked all through the TWW store, no Wood Talk t-shirt to be found. 🙁

You talked about fork truck drivers needing more skills. Where I work we move 6k lbs of bombs, and the like, all on a pitching and rocking deck out at sea. Haven’t blown ourselves up yet! Can you’re guys manage that?

Also, I do listen to Woodtalk because you’re funny. I rarely watch your YouTube stuff because you are primarily content creators, and not primarily woodworkers. I do watch an occasional milling video, if the slabs look really figured, and it’s not too long of a video. I also give Shannon full cred for running an actual woodworking school, along with everything else he does. How do you find the time? (Yes, I’m a Boomer who doesn’t fully appreciate all this newfangled media stuff.)

It’s a bit disappointing to hear the only reason you don’t watch our videos is because we’re primarily content creators. In reality, anyone who has enough time to document what their doing in the shop is most likely, primarily, a content creator. The folks doing the serious day to day building for a living don’t typically have time to fuss around with making videos for YouTube. Folks like us make a living teaching others about woodworking, and dismissing us for that reason alone is like saying, “I have nothing to learn from a college professor because they’re not actually out in the field.” Also Shannon doesn’t run an actual woodworking school, as in brick and mortar. The Hand Tool School is an online school, much like the Wood Whisperer Guild.

Great episode. Some kickback for you:

All three of you jobs are:

Designing and manufacturing high-end, bespoke furniture for the interstate media industry:
– High-end: It’s gonna cost you lots if you want me to do something for you.
– Bespoke: Highly customised, one-off units. Hence, if you sign off on the design and don’t like the finished piece, then tough luck. And you take 50% deposit, just to make sure the client is serious.
– interstate media industry: YouTube is headquartered in California, right? That’s out of state. Also, all three of you’re are in differing states and you create media for each other.

Problem solved and if someone still wants you to make something, plenty of profit should be at hand!

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