561 – Stop Touching It

It’s show #561 On today’s show, we’re talking about choosing a smoothing plane, tung oil finish problems, and why face frames first.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc made a wine gift box and is planning shop version 2 or 7 or 12 who can keep count<.em>
  • Shannon is finishing cladding industrial style.
  • Matt making trim and home remodeling stuff.

Listener Questions

  • Jordan has questions about Marc’s patented cutting board finish process
  • Azeem needs help in choosing his next smoothing plane.
  • Matt defends his decision to make face frames first and cabinet boxes second to a listner who have never seen it done that way before.
Jordan’s cutting board finish that won’t dry

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One reply on “561 – Stop Touching It”


I’ve been woodworking for a little over 5 years, almost exclusively using power tools. In listening to this podcast and watching your videos I’ve wanted to become more of a hybrid woodworker. That said, I finally took the plunge into the world of hand planes and picked up a #5 Jack Plane over the weekend.
My question is this (apologies if you’ve discussed this topic at length before): What are your recommendations for proper out-of-the-box setup of a brand new, non-premium hand plane? Is sharpening right away necessary? Does the entire plane need to be taken apart to clean off the protective oil/grease that usually comes on new tools? How thoroughly should the plane be taken apart and inspected prior to use? Did I miss anything?
If you wouldn’t mind taking some time to touch on these points or anything else you find important, I would greatly appreciate it. I know answers to questions like these can be found by searching online, but I highly value all of your opinions and enjoy the discussion/banter back and forth between you three. Thanks for all you do for the woodworking community and happy holidays to you and your families.

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