565 – Hating on Harvey?

It’s show #565 On today’s show, we’re talking about power jointers vs jointer planes, finishing shop walls, which smoothing plane, and regretting Harvey Tools purchases?

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is working on Ava’s vanity and discovering parts move if you leave them around long enough.
  • Shannon has no room in his shop due to home remodeling projects…so he’s rebuilding his tri bike.
  • Matt is working on the kitchen cabinets.


    • We were sad to learn of the passing of Erik Florip
    • AIM acquires Popular Woodworking magazine.

Listener Questions

      • Justin asks about using a jointer plane vs getting a powered jointer for his mostly hybrid woodshop.
      • Axel asks about finishing his shop walls.
      • Luke wants a dedicated smoothing plane and asks whether a #3 or a #4 is the better choice.

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Finally you can find us individually on Instagram at mattcremona, woodwhisperer, and renaissancewoodworker

3 replies on “565 – Hating on Harvey?”

With regards to endorsements on YouTube, it’s worse than tools. People push shop-made jigs and fixtures, techniques, and whatever as if they are the best thing since sliced bread, all to get views (so they can probably go get those endorsements). Caveat emptor.

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