WT138 – Plane Away From The Nuts

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On today’s show, we’re talking about our must-have books, breaking bits, a saw to do it all, our choice in clamps, a shop vac that sucks too hard, tool maintenance frequency, and turning a cyclone on too many times.

What’s on the Bench

Marc solved his spiral design dilemma and moved on to the pizza peel project. Matt got his butt off the couch and re-organized his tool wall. Shannon is prepping for his next lathe build and is waiting for his new Grizzly planer to arrive.

Around the Web

– Norm speaking at the Festool Connect 2013 event:

Japanese cabinet making
Robot bartender and a beautiful table
A no-nonsense board feet calculator
Why aren’t our gadget still covered in wood?


– In response to Episode #133, Dane gives us some technical details on why it’s ok to leave our plane blades under pressure during storage.
– In response to Episode #136, Dave gave us a link to the circular saw based table saw. He also mentions that we should give a shout out to Jeffry Lohr, founder of Moringa Community.
– In response to Wood Talk #137 where we discussed areas you can save money:
Tony recommends buying used cabinets for the shop and buying sandpaper in bulk.
Tom recommends NOT buying cheap Baltic Birch ply, as it has given him problems in the past. He also mentions that you should find out what woods are plentiful in your area and stock up when the prices are low. He also says to avoid jigs, fixtures, gizmos that solve a non-problem or that provide a benefit which is readily shop made or even accomplished with a bit of skill. Things like bench cookies, dovetail jigs, tapering jigs, self-clamping straight edges.
Mike recommends going with fewer tools. He says, “A few quality tools, a creative mind, and a lot of attention to detail will generate some amazing results.” He also mentions that pallets are a great source for practice wood.

Poll of the Week

Have you ever participated in a 2×4 challenge?


– Allen wants to know what clamps we prefer and why.
– George is wondering if it’s possible for a shop vac to suck too hard when attached to a sander.
– Mike from LA is wondering how often we perform routine power tool maintenance and how often he should be turning his cylone on.


– Andrew broke is 1/4″ router bit and needs some advice.
– Fred wants to know what three books we feel every woodworker should own.
– Andreas is looking for a saw that both rips and cross-cuts.

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6 replies on “WT138 – Plane Away From The Nuts”

As far as lowering the suction for a sander goes, first off you can get a Fein instead of the Festool vac sooner since they are cheaper and they have the speed control. Otherwise he may be able to rig up something with a 2-1/2″ wye with a blast gate on the Y. I have my vac hooked up to a network of 2-1/2″ pipe with multiple gates and sometimes if I’m particularly lazy I’ll just crack another gate half open rather than go over to the vac and change it there.

Is book Shannon talks about actually titled “American Furniture of the 18th Century: History, Technique, and Structure”? The description sounds right on Amazon and it’s as cheap as 30 bucks.

Hey guys. . .great talk show. . . Wanted to ask you if you thought the price you charge for a piece would differ, if you used only hand tools or used power tools, in the construction of the piece. . .appreciate the insight and motivation!

I wouldn’t, unless the client specifically requested certain tools be used. If those tools happen to make the project take longer, I would charge them for that time. Fortunately, most clients don’t give a hoot what tools are used.

I just finished listening, and came to the show notes, hoping to find the list of books that y’all love so much. I’ll check the show notes to #138 (also just finished listening to that one – I’m binging), and I’ll check Good Reads.

Seems like a great affiliate/commission opportunity too. Would be a nice way for me to say “thanks” in a tiny way, by making sure you get a percentage of the money that goes to the book retailer.

Ditto Scott’s comment above. I just finished listening and I came here looking for the book titles. Links to amazon would be a great way to sell a few books. I’ll go back to the podcast and listen again and take notes this time! Thanks for all the great information you guys put out every week.

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