WT188 – Hee-Ya, It Fits!

On today’s show, we’re talking about epoxy inlays, bevels on through tenons, and premium measuring tools.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Geek Chic at Phoenix Comicon. Morris Chair Madness! Puppy peepee.
Matt – Using scraps for sprucing up stuff.
Shannon – Slogging through a shop remodel.

What’s New

Cool sawmill photos – Hull Oakes Sawmill
– Cory’s new podcast for folks lookign to make a living with their woodworking: Craftsmansroad.com
– The art of pencil sharpening:

– A surprising take on the idea of router rails:

– 1940s vocational, educational film on woodworking:

– Andy’s Fossile Inlay Table Build:

Poll of the Week

Have you ever restored an antique?


Finishes that Pop with Glen Huey


– Phae has some thoughts on children in the shop and why they might hate the loud noises.
– Mike shares his experience with his kids. Here’s a picture of the bench they use.
– Jacob tells us about his kids and how they love making things for their mom.
– Clem has some words of warning for Bostitch 23 gauge pin nailer owners.


– David is looking for our thoughts on epoxy inlays. Marc suggested he check out West System Epoxy and Inlace.
– David wants some times on making light chamfers on through tenons. Shannon suggest this video.
– Alex is wondering if it’s really worth the extra money to buy premium measuring tools.

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16 replies on “WT188 – Hee-Ya, It Fits!”

my wife came running in to me yelling NO! at the computer as i watched andy make that fossil table. i have had an idea to do that with stone inlay for years and actually was the bucket list project that got me into woodworking….well goes to show everytime you have a good idea someone somewhere is having the same idea lol. still turned out to be a good table though :D.

Regarding premium measuring tools: I can’t speak to bevel gauges, since I don’t own one, but the only difference between my inexpensive Swanson or Empire combination squares and the Starrett ones I got used is ergonomics. All of them are dead square, straight, and flat. The Starrett has a better lock. It is absolutely not worth six times more for a better lock.

While I was at it, I took out some of my other measuring tools and measured straightness/squareness.

Absolutely square, flat, and accurate:
– a $4 plastic speed square
– my 6″ and 12″ Empire combination squares
– my $12 drywall t-square
– my 48″ Empire level

Not flat:
– my ultra cheap $10 24″ level

I’m not saying every cheap measuring tool is perfect. Mine are, and I didn’t test them before I bought them.

I think the one thing that keeps getting lost in the conversations about tools like Starrett vs everyone else is that they’re actually intended for engineering. It’s just the natural assumption that because they can be used for woodworking…they must therefore be the superior option.

I’m sure that has a lot to do with the fact that a large number of woodworkers also happen to be engineers who already own the tools.

For applications where there are very tight tolerances and accuracy is of the utmost importance, you want the best tool you can get. But for everything else, it’s possible you can accept something less.

As I mentioned in the show, it purely comes down to convenience for me. I’ve been burned by previous tools, so rather than falling for the same thing over and over I found stepping up to something else solved my issue.

I’d say the fact that your inexpensive tools are square, straight, etc. isn’t the norm as much as they are the exception CHORTLE!

Kick back: Poll of the Week – how about discussing the last two polls? Share the results about last week’s poll ( after people have had time to vote), and this week’s poll (tell them what they can go vote on). Keep up the great show!

Saw the pencil sharping guy on CBS’s Sunday Morning news show a while back. Guess he’s legit…
… and the best con I’ve seen in a long time!!!

Listened to the podcast at the gym today and looked forward to getting home so I could watch all the videos you were talking about. They did not disappoint. I’m a latecomer to your podcast but really enjoyed it! Now just need to get my ink refilling artisanal pen shop going and I’ll be set.

A few things. I’ve watched GreenPowerScience videos for a few years now and he comes up with some interesting ideas. However, this is not the only video in which he demonstrates a total disregard for safety in using power equipment. As a suggestion, look him up and use him as a ‘do not attempt’ example for safety week.

The fossil table is another one of those things I doubt I’d ever have the patience to do well enough to attempt. Much like Marc’s chair or the clock he shared a video for. At least I can still admire.

I’m now thinking of starting a 2nd job of sharpening carpenter pencils so people can use they for calligraphy. I figure if people are idiot enough to spend $40 for a #2 pencil they’ll spend even more for a ‘specialized’ graphite applicator. 😉

I have never used Inlace but i have heard good reviews from it, but i have used both 5 min clear epoxy and my usual go to, clear casting epoxy resin (which i think is what inlace is, just specific brand) and yes it is a great gap filler or inlayer for whatever you want to use it for, you can mix colors into it, glitters, colored glass, sand, or i use it for crushed stone (also one of inlaces products/main sale points) all my results have turned out nice and people love the fact that there’s real stones in there product. there’s a technique to make it turn out right that i wont go into but a few youtube videos later andany1 is a pro 😀

I enjoyed the discussion of premium measuring tools and especially the talk over bevel gauges. I just got this email from Woodpeckers for a new one-time tool: a bevel gauge!

I admit that I have a number of tools from them because I like their various squares and rulers but this one might be too much for me. Still, I do see value in premium measuring tools if you are always using them.

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