WT197 – Shannon’s Gushy Thingie

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On today’s show, we’re talking about design rules for grain orientation, filling cracks with finish, and making really long panels.

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Finished up the Krenov cabinet and now working on the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer build.
Matt – Editing WIA videos for Highland.
Shannon – Taking an inspiration break.

What’s New

Victorian Steampunk Laptop
Epoxy-Preserved Live Edge Technique
Shop-Made Adjustable Dovetail Square
– Hidden Compartment Furniture:

– Phil Lowe’s School:

Poll of the Week

What’s Your Workbench Situation?
Tired Woodworking Debates


– Dave is considering using finish to fill cracks in his table top.
– Christopher has questions concerning vertical vs horizontal grain direction. Matt got some help from Peter on this one.
– Derek needs to make a long laminated panel and is looking for suggestions on joining boards end to end.

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3 replies on “WT197 – Shannon’s Gushy Thingie”

Great show guys as always!!!

Interesting video above with the hidden drawer.

When I think of a hidden drawer, or compartment, I usually think of the more romantic items hidden, like a secret diary, or lost love letters from generations past.

Don’t usually think of an AK47… 🙂 LOL

Thanks for the advice on filling cracks. I actually used your suggestion in an email to me to fill the cracks with CS glue. At first I was hesitant when I saw what the surface looked like after the glue dried but fortunately it sanded out and looked great in the end. The table top looks great and there is no indication that there were any small cracks in the wood.

As always, I appreciate your help and advice. Keep up the great work.

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