WT199 – Patronizing Matt

On today’s show, we’re talking about finishes for kitchen cabinets, dealing with glue squeezeout, and should you get a really small hand plane?

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What’s on the Bench

Marc – Finished painting the toy chest with milk paint. Powermatic drill press charity auction.
Shannon – Leaving Easter eggs in projects.
Matt – Support Matt’s Basement Workshop with Matt’s Patreon campaign.

What’s New

– Doucette and Wolfe Furnituremakers:

Portable standing desk for laptop users.
– Three Popular Woodworking editors leave the magazine and start their own mysterious venture called 360 Woodworking.

Poll of the Week

Have you ever completed a weekend project within a weekend?
Can you use shortcut joinery and still call yourself a “true” woodworker?


– Randy has some thoughts on the filter bag issue discussed in Episode 198.


– Matt wants some advice on finishing his cabinets with Arm R Seal vs lacquer.
– Mark has a few questions about glue squeezeout.
– Brandon wants advice on buying extra small planes.

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5 replies on “WT199 – Patronizing Matt”

I was surprised that you didn’t mention Waxilit in repsonse to Mark’s question about methods of dealing with squeezeout. After a joint is covered with Waxilit before glue-up, hardened squeezeout can be flicked off with a fingernail, The Waxilit itself then can be completely removed with methylated spirits.

Try FWW #232 p34 for Michael Fortune’s article. I’ve been using this stuff for about 15 years and I believe it is one of woodworking’s best kept secrets.

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