WT207 – Look Past the Fuzz

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On today’s show, we’re talking about spraying dye, drawers or carcass first?, and picking the good stuff at the lumber yard

What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc – Designing new chest of drawers and matching night stands. Taking customer’s request from particle board project and making it a reality with real wood and real joinery.
  • Matt – Downloaded an entire season of turning videos
  • Shannon – making an unplanned project for Christmas

What’s New

  • Black Friday Jet clamp sale takes down Woodcraft and Rockler websites, sort of.
  • Rick sent up this tutorial by Terry Gordon on making a tapered sliding dovetail

Poll of the Week

Will you be buying tools on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?


  • Alexandre shares some super geeky, technical information about metal fasteners in wood such as the bed bolts we discussed in Wood Talk 206.
  • Robert, AJ, Stein, Keith, Matt, Bo, Rick, and Eric all shared some advice on buying vintage vs new hand planes.


Marc has a man crush on his Fine Woodworking Archive 1975-2014


  • Gerard has a cutting board finish issue.
  • Rudy left us an excellent voicemail with great advice about buying planes on ebay…but it was 5 minutes so we adidn’t play it. Rudy please write it down and call us back or leave a comment on the episode 206 page


  • Jeffrey would like some advice regarding spraying General Finishes water based dye with an Earlex 5500
  • Scott is wondering if there is an advantage to making the carcass or the drawers first.
  • John wants to know a bunch of stuff about picking wood at the lumber yard like reading grain, getting color match, etc.

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10 replies on “WT207 – Look Past the Fuzz”

Which should come first the carcass or drawers, I like to start with the face frame. After the face frame is completed, you have the measurements for the drawers, doors and carcass. Sometimes in a smaller shop, the carcass is the last thing you build because it takes up a lot of room.

Great Episode. Anyone else enjoy thinking of everyone at the hardwood dealer staring close up and cross-eyed at the boards to see the grain like a Magic Eye. I kept giggling to myself picturing it.

On the Fine Woodworking DVD, is there a way to access the data manually? I don’t have Windows, so while their indexing and search options, sound nice, if there’s no way to get to get to the data without Windows/OSX, it’s not very useful to me.

All of the PDFs are there already. You just have to dig down the directory structure to find them. This is trivial in Linux, and should be similar in Mac OS. I don’t know about Windows – never touched it.

Hey Larry. I know we chatted offline about this but I wanted to update you and anyone else reading this. I was doing my folder digging on the disc itself. Duh. I should have been looking at the folders on my computer post-installation. Sure enough I found the folders of PDFs. Thanks for the heads up!

On the clamp thing I looked around for some 60″, but couldn’t find them on sale anywhere.. However, I did find them on Amazon through International Tool for 50% off (though they did charge ~$6 each for shipping 4 of them). They haven’t shipped yet, but my fingers are crossed!

Regarding the FWW DVD (and others): There was a time when people who were interested in WW had no other option but a 4-5 year long apprenticeship. Then came the DIY and various WW periodicals and for the price of a few shekels sold the ‘family silver’ to anyone with spare change in their pocket.
The afforementioned who ‘payed the piper’ weren’t too happy with such developments but there was little they could do.
Now it is the publishers that are woeful.
What is it they say about karma?

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