WT210 – Giant Hairy Toddler

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On today’s show, we’re talking all about design, hiding end grain, what makes something fine furniture, is CNC fine woodworking, and how we come up with original designs.


What’s on the Bench?

  • Marc: Memorial boxes for Uncle Tom
  • Matt: preparing for the coming year’s projects
  • Shannon: milling Cherry (again) and considering shop storage in something other than Cherry

What’s New

– Robert sent us an audio clip about the Tree Whisperer
– Allan sent us a link on how to use glow in the dark resin
– Nick D sent us a link for a 3D Looking Cutting Board

– Todd sent us a video on Making a drink paddle

– Jeremy sent us a video on industrial bowl turning

– David Picciuto sent us a video on making your own carbide lathe chisel


– Todd has a question about hiding the end grain on a coffee table he is building for his wife.
– Dusty wants to know what makes something qualify as “fine furniture.”
– David wants to know where we get our design ideas and how to come up with original designs. He also wants to know if we can recommend any books on woodworking design.

By Hand and Eye” by Jim Tolpin and George Walker
The Top Five Books for those who Take Period Furniture Seriously” a blog by Chuck Bender
– “Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design” a DVD with George Walker. Here is a review Marc did on the DVD.

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22 replies on “WT210 – Giant Hairy Toddler”

Thanks for answering my design questions. My daughter thought it was really cool to hear my question being read and then my name being said.

I am going to get “By Hand and Eye” for sure. I will see where I need to go from there. Great advice as always.

Great show guys, Thanks.

Just listening to this episode and I have a definition of fine furniture for you. Fine furniture is anything that is better built than what you think can build.

I think that this definition applies no matter where you are and captures the very subjective nature of acceptable quality. It was a fun discussion, but I found the idea of trying to define what was good enough to be a little silly.

Matt, when you said that you don’t consider something with poly on it to be considered fine furniture, would you consider a finish like Arm-R-Seal to be in that category? Because, I love me some Arm-R-Seal and if it is not fine, then I don’t want to be fine (I generally use it without stain because I like the look of wood).

Now I need another cleaning tool? I think I’ll just run hot water through them and keep my fingers crossed their immune systems are strong enough.

This has worked for the most part so far CHORTLE.

Great show guys as always!!!

I like Matt’s joke at 34.40 that people who prefer not to show end grain are a ‘splinter group’ 🙂

Another video on mass production of wooden bowels. Actually this is how wooden bowels have been produced for a long time. A lot of the machines used to do this come from the early 20th century.
Depends on your definition of a “long time” I suppose.


I’ve often used the terms dresser and chest of drawers interchangeably, but thinking about it after listening to the podcast, I think a dresser is more accurately something with a mirror on top of it. Often in the form of a table, ie: dressing table, mainly for applying make-up. A chest of drawers can be a dresser also if it has a mirror on it. As such it would need to be lower, (and wider in order to retain a reasonable amount of storage.) You couldn’t sit at it of course but it could still serve as a dresser. Without the mirror, regardless of its proportions, I don’t think it could be technically called a dresser, though common usage will obviously dispute that.

For the guild build I would recommend getting a compact pocket mirror from the dollar store and super-gluing it to the top, or double sided tape, or Velcro. 🙂

re CNC machines
Might we see woodworkers go for “hybrid” use of CNC machines? I can think of two hybrid uses: do a rough outline of a carving with the CNC but finish up the details by hand. Or, use the CNC to cut inlay and then add the “flourishes” by hand.

I really like Marc’s idea of using CNC to cut patterns. Hadn’t thought of that.

Just to correct the “Sashimoto woodworking” (sic) with “Sashimono woodworking” which is the correct word. Keep up the good work and I really love the show.

Saludos desde Buenos Aires, (Carlos) Hernan Coronel

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